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Creating positive impact starts with a different mindset

The following five steps help clarify, accelerate and simplify your route towards circular entrepreneurship. By learning the multi-dimensional benefits our program offers, you and your business can focus on creating the positive impact your legacy represents.

Circular Clarity ensures that you maintain laser sharp focus on your core activities, yet create the agile environment to help tackle the future fit challenges that rapid changes impose on you and your business.

Reason to adapt and evolve

The most succesful circular transformations start when you feel the intrinsic pull to create a better future. Creating a better future is the fundamental mindset characteristic that connects circular entrepreneurs. 

What priority is leading you to want to change your business?

Trust is the fundamental starting point in any relationship. A circular transition takes time. We are here to help you guide your reason to change to the next step.

  • 20% 20%

Learning to filter the essence

Once you learn to filter the essence of business decisions based on intrinsic values, you save valuable time.

What human values do you apply to take important decisions? How do you allow your circular self to take an important stand during ethical decision making? And how do you enter such values into your core business strategy?

Circular entrepreneurship adds ecological and social markers into your business strategy. Business as usual within ecological and social boundaries is another way of approaching the importance of filtering the essence. Ultimately a circular entrpreneur sets out to regenerate value(s).

  • 40% 40%

Taking future fit challenges

C-Level management can tell people what to do, but creating an inclusive work environment enables higher levels of customer and employee satisfaction and engagement. 

To design, implement and enable the right instruments to do the job is about taking the challenge to get the job done. Circular entrepreneurship connects people and leads hierarchy to become more inclusive. Top down meets bottom up. Both sides add significant value to the succes of the business. 

  • 60% 60%

Preparing people to take the journey

To prepare people for a circular transition, means to unlock and enable their intrinsic values within your business-as-usual setting. And subsequently to take steps forward.

What do people need to feel supported? Apart from deep learning and the continuous transfer of knowledge, this can also mean activating the right coalition around the people in order to offer them the right support at the right time. Integrity is the foundation of preparing people to take responsibility towards the future.

  • 80% 80%

Focus on positive impact

Working with unstoppable energy, clarity and full focus on creating positive impact. That’s exactly what circular entrpreneurship anables you to do.

What positive impact will get your undevided attention? It’s not about what you do, but why you do it (Simon Sinek). And the level beyond that question is the system and strategy to enable your purpose. No matter how small or large your business, every step is valuable in our collective effort to create a better future for one and all.

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Circular EU by 2030








Who we work for?

We focus on SME’s and institutions that prioritise creating positive impact from the inside out. We also help start-ups and scale-ups to transform their business as usual into circular models.

We offer guidance, workshops and multi-dimensional tools to anyone that needs help accelerating their sustainable mission in business and life.

Circular entrepreneurship

First this: circular entrepreneurship is not the same as the circular economy. Where the Circular Economy (CE) focusses on a more product based and technical transformation from a make-take-waste approach to a waste-to-purpose cycle; circular entrepreneurship focusses on the all encompassing and multi-dimensional transformation in order to re-balance everything we do as people and business. A circular business evolves all existing business attributes towards value based components. The result saves time, simplifies business process and creates new levels of balance for all stake-holders.

The EU aims to be fully circular by 2050, requiring many changes that reach far beyond the technical aspects we can measure. Entrepreneurs offer the right values in order to take on the enormous challanges our rapid changing world is imposing. Entrepreneurs are driven by values, know how to create solutions and persist when the going gets tough. That’s the DNA we look for!

Driven values

Circular Clarity is best described as a thought-to-action enabling ecosystem. An agile and adaptable business development platform and program that brings together both tools and professionals.

We cut to the chase and offer circular alternatives to business as usual challenges. Including the metrics to justify steps – alongside the ethics to really take circularity, sustainability and corporate social responsibility to the core of a business and all of it’s stake-holders. 

Together with impact partners we empower more positive impact leaders and strategies. We set out to enable the required indicators within any business or institution to align to a circular and socially just future. 

The first step is to allocate time. And to bring the right priorities into focus. Our tested approach clarifies (y)our route to impact.

Humans are circular

Earth is circular by nature. Our human body is a perfect example of a circular system. Both are living organisms – and that’s how we approach business. As a living circular organism. If you push people beyond their limits – the result is human waste.

Personal growth is the only sustainable growth towards the future. Circular entrepreneurship is about give-and-take. Learning from past generations and connecting to the next. We are all connected. And we are all a part of a much larger living eco-system called Earth. That’s what circular means to us. Clarity refers to the transparant systems interconnecting us in both life and business.

By taking human value and people as the centric point for business development, people feel intrinsically motivated to add their value and talent to your business mission and vision.

When motivation follows a more intrinsic route rather than an obligation imposed by management, people naturally take action and engage in challenges. During a circular transition you discover that it’s not about reaching your dot on the horizon as quickly as possible; but about your journey towards it. An exciting journey that we at Circular Clarity would love to accompany you on. 

Circulaire transformation

Circular Transformation refers to the in-depth process of changing your business-as-usual model to a Circular strategy. A circular transformation touches upon all elements of your business.

Therefore, there are many situations that can spark your Circular Transformation.

By practicing and sharing what we lived and worked through, we give you uncensored access to actionable, strategic and interactive tools for your comprehensive and sustainable business development. 

Sounds complicated? It’s not. If you are looking to future proof your business and you know that growth is measured in more ways than just profit; you’re on it. If you feel the intrinsic need to do good in the world or your community; we guarantee circular entrepreneurship will help you evolve your business. 

Continuous learning

Our creative and highly adaptable business development toolkit interconnects creative and strategic instruments to an international network of digitally and/or physically operating experts that have made it their mission to help accelerate your route to a circular future.

Measuring circular impact isn’t the challenge. We have the metrics to show and guide you. The complexity is about embedding circularity into the DNA of your brand and breaking through the complexity distracting you from applying a long term approach to evolving your business. 

We need to learn and unlearn continuously to get the best out of life and business as it evolves. Back to the living organism a business is, we simply need to treat it that way. Balance might not always result in quick growth. But there are always new ways to explore, expand and strenghten your legacy.

“Agility is an important future fit commodity..!”

Who and what is Circular Clarity?

Founders Arjan van Jaaren and Marco Rog are both seasoned professionals. Thirty years of international creative entrepreneurship combined with C-Level management experience. “This is the way we set out to co-create a better future for the next generation. This is our legacy and we are excited to still be able to contrinute for the next few decades in every way possible to expand this journey…” We are proud to represent a well-connected network of authentic professionals, each geared to add unique value within our program scope.

How may we help...

Circular Clarity guarantees the strategic acceleration of your business or brand to a circular model. Simply because we don’t set out to maximize profit, but rather to impact your business. This is not a journey about you or us; but rather about our collective positive impact. Business development that benefits us now as well as serve future generations. Including the respect of ecological and social boundaries.

It is important to identify your strategic objectives. And based on priorities work your way back into the operations and logistics of applying that change. What’s the position of your stake-holders and what do you actually set out to accomplish?

To answer these and many more questions, we invite you to contact us.

Arjan van Jaaren

“To align to new realities, means that we need to re-calibrate life and business. And I mean right to the core of our heart and actions – in a very fundamental way. With every strategy, we need to ensure it is future proof and safe-and-just to pay forward. This can only be achieved when we also weigh ecological and social values in the scale life and business. We need to respect certain boundaries. Every human being is on a journey. Your legacy is ultimately a set of values that you pay forward. Creativity is the core value I apply in continuously expanding our models to help others move forward towards circular entrepreneurship. Every day is of great value in learning more about circular entrepreneurship and finding ways to pay values and knowledge forward..” 

Arjan’s focus is emotional intelligence (EQ) en strategic ethical leadership. Within Circular Clarity’s ecosystem, he focusses on establishing strategic opportunities and builds sustainable relationships between ecosystem and impact partners. 

My circular mantra is:

Marco Rog

“To create positive impact, requires us to change the way we think and act. That’s why I focus on the balance between well-being and succes within sustainable boundaries. We have reached the limits of the old economy. Circular entrepreneurship is a way to co-create value and create partnerships to close loops and gaps towards a circular future. Real co-creation cuts through complexity and connects people. This is how we form new collaborative ecosystems that focus on value creation rather than personal gain. Together we join forces and create drive and influence to impact our future positively…”

Marco is a part of the Dutch NEN standard commission ‘Circular Economy’. As an expert in the field, he is connected to ISO/TC 323 and the task force ‘Circular business models’ and ‘Measuring circularity’. These are steps towards the new standards ISO 59010 and ISO 59020. He is also a board member of the Dutch change maker community ‘Happy planet professionals.

My circular mantra is:

This is what our customers say about our approach

Circular Clarity helpt our organisation Hot ITem, Dutch market leader in data driven business development, to accelerate our business in aligning to sustainability, circularity and corporate social responsibility. Their unique interactive business model canvas, mindset sessions and impact reporting, are amonst the many actionable tools created to help us implement this incremental change towards a better future. 

Raymond van Ek

CEO, Hot ITem - Conclusion

During a relatively short amount of time, we feel that Circular Clarity is accelerating market insight. Our journeys are aligned and in that we are able to strategically approach the growth of our circular clothing industrty start-up. Within the Circular Clarity ecosystem we have been introduced to many valuable contacts that empowers our route to impact.

Haiko Huvenaars

Founder, Candour Clothing

Foundation for a Future Fit Netherlands

Five percent of profit is donated to STGNL. Our foundation is geared towards developing educational programs. This is how we pay our legacy forward to the next generation. Our intellectual property is owned by the foundation. This gives our stake-holders a clear and transparant insight to our vision and intention.

Apart from positive energy, every circular transformation leads to gaining more valuable knowledge. This is ultimately the knowledge we refer to.

It is our dream to help co-create a world in which sustainability, circularity and corporate social responsibility is something we see as the a standard practise of values that drive any person or business.



“Human values represent the colours on a brand new canvas. The very blue print that we create and pay forward. Collectively creating a future fit society. Step by step. One colour at a time. Together…”

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