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Clarity in circular entrepreneurship

Tijd besparen Circular Clarity

In a circular world, technical innovation and human skill align to serve future fit values and indicators.

Are you looking to align your mission and vision to future fit values and indicators?

Creating clarity encompasses a process of (re)connecting the intrinsic values of all stake-holders. A circular journey evolves and unlocks multiple values over time. We create impact strategies that make more impact, in less time. Without cutting important corners or green washing!

Co-creating evolutionary brand assets that help align your (impact) strategy to future fit values and indicators. That’s what we can offer you by sharing knowledge and a pragmatic method that will align your perspective of what positive impact means, within the context of planetary boundaries. Ready when you are.

Want to learn what circular entrepreneurship means for you and your business?

Contact us for a first talk. Let’s engage your next priority and discuss the circular alternative to linear challenges. 

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There is a multitude of reasons to start your circular journey. Along your journey, our program always keeps focus towards saving time, creating simplicity and balance. The result?

  • More impact in less time
  • Simplicity connects all stake-holders to reach circular goals
  • Balance for People, Planet and Prosperity, that’s the idea we take to reality


You are the impact the world needs right now

Together we focus on (re)connecting people that are intrinsically motivated to help co-create, accelerate or expand your next future fit challenge or priority. Every circular evolution requires a technical shift and human adaptation.

  • What impact do you wish to enable?
  • What core values drive you and your business?
  • What is the next chapter in your legacy?

Interconnecting business to social and ecological impact, leverages business models to align with future generations and people driven by purpose.

Depending on your business, we share experience and create strategic assets such as models, to help clarify what we mean, how to get there and what it takes to implement.

"It is not the strongest species that survive, but those responsive to change..."

— Charles Darwin

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Five transformative steps

The paradox is that enabling clarity as a pivotal driver, starts by breaking through complexity yourself. In the end, creating Circular Clarity saves valuable time, simplifies processes and helps (re)balance people, planet and profit.

The five transformative steps simplify understanding your next step(s).



Why do you want to change or adapt (your business)?

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During workshops, masterclasses and other events, we create awareness. This way we can identify the priorities that you can align to solutions by means of creating circular clarity.



Together we (re)connect the values that drive you and all stake-holders.

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By filtering your challenges back to the core essence, you save valuable time and direct focos towards the true impact you wish to enable.

Once you understand how to interconnect your existing core values to future fit values and indicators, you can distill the essence that exposes where to focus next.



A circular transition needs to be embedded as an integral part of your strategy. This leads to challenges we face and overcome to evolve.

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This doesn’t mean changing what you do, but adapting to future values and indicators. 

The challenges you do not face alone. As we increase your level of knowledge, you will be able to tackle challenges, learn and evolve towards the next priority.



Adaptability is our greatest asset. Time is always the variable.

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People know more than you think, but you need to connect to someone’s legacy, in order to co-create.

When all voices are heard, healthy ecosystems grow where people thrive, share knowledge and work towards enabling positive impact.


Positive impact

By (re)aligning the intrinsic values that people live by, we tap into hidden resources of knowledge needed to drive change. 

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Moving from thought to action, means investing time here-and-now. Together we set out to co-create your purpose driven impact identity and generation resilient strategy.

Circulaire transformation

We focus on delivering both ‘measurable, technical’ as well as ‘human value, thought accelerating’ results. We get to results by investing time, experience and our genuine attention to both people and brand. The insights, models and documents we create, become the future proof strategic assets that you quantify.

We create a safe environment in which we communicate and share information. Sharing value at this level, allows us to get to the essence of your strategy.

During the implementation process, people (and brand) are guided to make sure that all ‘future-value-promises’ align to the future fit indicators defined in your impact strategy.

We can implement by means of a fast-track or a slow-route approach, In the end, the work needs to be done and a claim to circular values needs to be generation resilient.

Purpose is (y)our destiny

Next generations expect a real connection to purpose and circular values from the onset. Older generations often connect to purpose following a burn-out or another personal transformative event such as COVID or illness. Therefore, we often relate impact strategies to human resource related values and indicators. But there is so much more.

Creating clarity is in (y)our best interest and reduces long term risk, as well as increases short term human benefits.

    “Adaptability is our greatest asset in a circular future..!”

This is what our customers say about our approach

Circular Clarity helpt our organisation Hot ITem, Dutch market leader in data driven business development, to accelerate our business in aligning to sustainability, circularity and corporate social responsibility. Their unique interactive business model canvas, mindset sessions and impact reporting, are amonst the many actionable tools created to help us implement this incremental change towards a better future. 

Raymond van Ek

CEO, Hot ITem - Conclusion

During a relatively short amount of time, we feel that Circular Clarity is accelerating market insight. Our journeys are aligned and in that we are able to strategically approach the growth of our circular clothing industrty start-up. Within the Circular Clarity ecosystem we have been introduced to many valuable contacts that empowers our route to impact.

Haiko Huvenaars

Founder, Candour Clothing

Foundation for a Future Fit Netherlands

Five percent of profit is donated to STGNL. Our foundation is geared towards developing educational programs. This is how we pay our legacy forward to the next generation. Our intellectual property is owned by the foundation. This gives our stake-holders a clear and transparant insight to our vision and intention.

Apart from positive energy, every circular transformation leads to gaining more valuable knowledge. This is ultimately the knowledge we refer to.

It is our dream to help co-create a world in which sustainability, circularity and corporate social responsibility is something we see as the a standard practise of values that drive any person or business.



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