Creating your circular clarity

We enable your intrinsic values within a circular model. Accelerating your learning proces to connect to the most exciting and sustainable framework of (y)our time; the Circular Economy

Reason to change

Filter the essence

Set the challenge

Prepare the people

Focus on impact

Clarity shortens your timeline to create positive impact. Circular business development, simplifies the often complex transformation of a business on their quest to become more resilient, adaptable and geared to attract, retain and grow talent.

What’s the next Chapter in your legacy? How do you pay your values forward? How will you create the difference you want to see in the World? 

Circular Clarity is a business development program that accelerates the strategic alignment of a business to both Purpose and the Circular Economy. By experience, we inspire, engage and enable people to lead change. With a clear, measurable and tested approach to (re)learning, we deliver creative output with a minimal strain on your existing resources. We focus on the core of your business.

The Circular Transformation Method unlocks new business potential within the framework of a Circular Economy. Service driven companies included.

  • Does what I create (product or service) add real value when looking at Social and/or Environmental impact?
  • Define what value means to you from an intrinsic perspective
  • How do I validate my actions?
  • What impact do I really want to focus on?
  • How do I measure my results?
  • Am I a part of a larger collective and how does fundemental change impact my position?
  • What position does my product or service have within the supply chain (or ecosystem) my business operates in?

The Circular Clarity business development program, helps find answers to these questions and more. Using our unique interactive Circular Business Model Canvas, we accelerate Circular Transitions and enable businesses in plotting their way forward. Our approach is cost-effective, efficient and brings purpose right to the very core of your mission and vision.

Emotional intelligence is the core fundament of leading Circular change...

Understanding and applying Emotional Intelligence, is not a course we can teach; but rather the journey we take together by focussing on creating positive impact.

The knowledge we share, comes from our passion and personal journeys of following our core values Integrity, Creativity and Sustainability. 

On what basic values do I base my decisions?

How you adapt to future realities, depends on the steps you take forward now...

Circular transformation is an uplifiting, but deep-level process that enables opportunities that lead your business forward.

Creating Circular Clarity for your business and people doesn't just mean reducing waste. Knowledge is Circular too - and is used to create a regenerative core within your business that leads your actions to create positive impact.

If you could change one thing within your business today; what would that be?

Circular Clarity fast-tracks development within a time efficient learning environment...

Circular Clarity fast-tracks learning in reference to the Circular Economy and your sustainable business development goals.

Your questions and challenges, become interactive learning modules (topics), activated on the Circular Clarity platform. We are here to really help you move forward.

If rules and regulations require transparancy. Are you able to guide your business there with a clear course of action?

Start-ups, rapid change and new realities, lead innovation...

Using Life Cycle Thinking, we help you develop new innovative and sustainable products and services for a future-proof business. 

Together we drive sustainable innovation by analysing products in a business-as-usual context and design alternatives to fit the new economy.

What element of your business, be it product or service, would you re-design first?

To develop a more in-depth understanding of Circular Clarity, ask us anything. You can choose to receive your answer by e-mail or as a private video message.


We help direct your actions towards creating positive impact and purpose


Many situations can spark transformation. The most common is rapid change and our intrinsic passion to make a difference…

The Circular Transformation Model (CTM), is the main model we apply when guiding future-oriented transitions. Use it to identify your challenge.

To thrive within any ecosystem, requires for a business to become Circular from the inside-out. The Circular strategy, subsequently accelarates business development in a more organic way. Aligning people and business to a sustainable road map full of potential and future-oriented opportunity.

Learn more about the CTM.

Rapid change and new realities shape the way we live life and reform business

By focussing on creating impact; every person and business has the opportunity to help close the gap on social, economical and environmental challenges.

What impact directs your focus?


  1. What new reality is leading your thought to change?
  2. What past labels, definitions or circumstances complicate change?
  3. What impact do you set out to create?
  4. How will you align creating impact within your strategy?
  5. What values guides your actions?
  6. What makes your strategy future-oriented?
  7. Who is leading change?


  1. These are the Basic Circular Development Values
  2. Deep dive into terminology, if want to learn more
  3. Book a free consult, if you’re ready to dig deeper


  • Identify your priorities
  • How much time can you allocate?
  • Ready to deal with the emotional impact that change unlocks?
  • How will you (re)align resources (time, people and money)?
  • What’s your ultimate goal?

We are here to help. One important step at a time.

Are a profit-for-purpose organisation. With a Foundation at our core, we ensure our stake-holders that the Circular Clarity value system is implemented and driven with Clarity (the quality of transparency and purity). 

(y)our perspective is the gateway that enables change

Circular Clarity helps entrepreneurs accelerate during their inevitable alignment to the Circular Economy. Value is the legacy we pay forward…

— Arjan van Jaaren, Founder

Circular transformation is a giant leap for mankind,
starting with a small step by you

Circular means to...

Circular means to grow in life-and-business with natural flow. Creating harmony between life and work as we adapt to new realities. And to do so, we focus our attention towards creating positive impact. Rapid change, requires Circular people and systems. The measurable outcome is saving valuable time and creates stability and experiences for people so that they can thrive within fluid structures. We all share the same planet. And any Circular system operates witin the boundary of mutual respect for all living things.

Clarity refers to...

Clarity refers to purity and transparency. To have a clear focus and direction in life and work – based on Circular principles. To translate the complexity of the past into a clear vision forward, requires a value system that enables Circular development. New realities call for the execution of missions, visions and strategies that collectively lead to expanding Circular ecosystems. And what we learn in moving forward, is continuously shared to help others within the ecosystem. Join us.

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