Circular clarity enables [regenerative] impact

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Your journey towards a balanced ecosystem starts by creating Circular Clarity

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Circular Clarity strengthens your identity to contribute to a regenerative future. Your ripples of impact matter.

These are some of the topics that influence SME’s and value-chains worldwide. Each exposing challenges and opportunities. Circular Clarity helps break the complexity of circular business development down into equitable value-streams and actions that matter.

What reason to act do you identify with?

Responsibility and external influence

Taking responsibility towards future generations is rooted within most people. To translate such intrinsic value and connect it to equitable action and an auditable impact strategy, is one way to describe how Circular Clarity can add value to your business-as-usual activities.

A circular transformation is often initiated by external influences such as customer demands or regulatory obligations. Creating circular clarity saves important time and helps direct focus towards topics that matter.

Source: Future Fit Business Benchmark


Alignment to new frameworks, law and regulations

Alignment to new frameworks, law and regulations such as CSRD, ESG, SDG, NFR, Green House Gas Protocol, EU green deal, Circular Economy etc.

Validated impact strategies expose how actions are taken and embedded. The indicators needed to measure impact, depend on your business data and industry. The Value compass helps align your business to a regenerative future. 

Source(s): EU Greendeal, CSRD, SDG


Earth Overshoot Day (EOD)

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity has used all the biological resources that Earth regenerates during the entire year. This year, earth overshoot day fell on July 28.

A regenerative strategy contributes to restoring ecological and social values within planetary boundaries.

Source:, Planetary Boundaries (SRC)


Climate change & biodiversity loss

Climate change and biodiversity loss are subjects that in fact impact everything we do. How we purchase and operate. By defining clear actions, every business can impact the climate and nature positively. 

The level and speed of impact, depends on the level of committment given. In the end, all SME’s are required to present a clear impact strategy and roadmap. Including taking equitable action towards sustainable and regenerative goals.

Source: Stockholm Resilience Centre


Business as a force of good

Business as a force of good and purposeful work attracts and retains talent. Doing good, feels good.

And every person in your organization is their own force of good. When people and business collaborate to increase impact; new possibilities emerge.

Source: During co-creation or workshops, we present targeted examples.


Impact topics

Listed below are important frameworks that help align your strategy to an equitable plan of action. And this is just the beginning.

(In no specific order or priority)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

A clear set of 17 development goals that can help simplify connecting business impact to national and global goals that matter. We offer workshops to create a high level of engagement towards your specific SDG approach. A great way to ignite and accelerate your sustainable development journey. And to empower your people to become a part of the solution.

The EU sets out to be SDG compliant by 2030.

Source: United Nations

Corporate Social Responsibility Directive (CSRD)

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is the new EU legislation requiring all large companies to publish regular reports on their environmental and social impact activities. It helps investors, consumers, policymakers, and other stakeholders evaluate large companies’ non-financial performance.

Compliance for SME’s by 2023-2025.

Source: European Commission

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

The first group to coin the phrase ESG was the United Nations Environment Programme Initiative in the Freshfields Report in October 2005. According to Paul Clements-Hunt who was leading this work at the time, the initial view was that it should be called GES since they believed Governance was most the important area, followed by Environmental and Social.

ESG Ratings have since become the global standard to translate Environmental and Social Governance into valuable data.

Source: European Greendeal, Wiki definition

Circular Economy (CE)

Circular Excellence. The technical and operational side of circular transformation (Circular Economy, EU, compliant by 2050).

Source Ellen McArthur Foundation, Rijksoverheid (NL)

Green House Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol)

Trust, Knowledge, Transparency and Balance are the key values we focus on.

Systems science tells us how our economy must be transformed if we are to meet everyone’s needs and live in harmony with nature. And to get there, we must embed core values too.

We’ve translated that science into principles, goals, indicators and guides to help any business play its part in getting us there.

Source: Future Fit Business Benchmark

European Green Deal (EGD)

With our Value compass and Impact Acceleration Methodology (I AM), we embed core values within every program, workshop and policy document. This is how we enable core values as a strategic driver and impact filter.

True impact provides clarity on both negative and positive impact. The balance between negative and positive is the true impact rating.

Source: Circular Clarity

A softer world empowers people to break the harder challenges we face

Clarity enhances mental and strategic focus towards regenerative objectives

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Circular thinking unlocks
future-fit value

Workshops & Co-creation

Workshops increase knowledge effectively. Content and learning objectives are tailored to time, group size and goals. With every step, we learn to cross bridges towards a Circular Economy (CE).

Co-creation is the term we use to highlight working on a specific business case.

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The value compass helps align your existing strategy, projects and ideas to future-fit values and indicators.

Together we empower your future-fit identity.
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