Circular thinking is your gateway to enabling future-fit value

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5-steps to start circular thinking

Take the following five steps into any future-fit discussion and start unlocking circular value and insights.


Whats your reason to be(come) future-fit? What is the starting (tipping) point?


Think Priority, Challange or Process improvement within your existing business strategy.

Rapid social and ecological challenges bring about change. Law and regulation, as well as our own resonsibility, play a crucial part in adapting to future-fit values. We must learn to operate within the planetary boundaries that support life. Let’s focus on what you already have and evolve that to meet circular values and standards.


Identify a priority that will affect your business for each one of these three topcis:

  • Environmental?
  • Social?
  • Governance?

Summarize in maximum ten words. What is the biggest challenge you foresee if you had to align all three topics within one year. Time starting today.


How will you filter what you do and align to future-fit indicators?


Imagine that your next business report needs to include data about your Social and Envirnmental impact. Identify for yourself if this thought leads to procastinating thoughts or getting excited about the challenges up ahead.


Filtering the essence.

  • List two core values that connect who you are, to what you do. Do these core values align to your work? And if not, what steps do you want to take the comoing three years?


Challenges motivate people to work towards common goals and values.


Circular entrepreneurship is about changing what you do, but aligning what you do to future values and indicators. Alignment takes time and intrinsic motivation.


‘Change the way you look at things and the thinkgs you look at change” — Dr. Wayne Dyer

  • Take one common-day challenge and engage yourself to run that problem past these transformative steps every morning for a week. Note your possible solution now and after the week. Contemplate quitly on the problem every morning for five minutes.


Adaptability is trainable future-fit asset. Time is always the variable.


Finding and retaining good people is hard. A clear sense of purpose, helps create common-ground and a thriving work culture. People lead change and technology supports them. Different thinking cultivates change.


Engage someone you wouldn’t normally talk to but respec.t Ask them to highlight three important subjects that influence a business today.


Connect the whole of who you are to the change you want to enable.


Moving thought to action, means investing time here-and-now. Together we set out to co-create your purpose driven impact identity and generation resilient strategy. 


List three impact driven companies that have caught your attention. Through quick research, discover what core-values drive them. Are they transparent about their impact strategy?

Circular conversation starter

The Circular Conversation starter is a tool to engage people in a deeper conversation about the values that interact with circular frameworks. We use the conversation starter during workshops and University guest lectures.

Co-creasted with: De Merkarchitect