Collaboration within an inclusive circular ecosystem


Cases are about strengthening the strategy and identity of our clients towards a regenerative future; each unique and adding value towards enabling a circular economy

A mutual connection

Our journey starts by aligning values and ideas. Our mutual connection is the foundation for tust to grow. After talks, we translate ideas into 5 steps

Once we understand the route-to-impact that serves your business, we get started.

Inner experience

By experience, we are able to position ourselves into your perspective. Once we connect core values, we look for the intrinsic drive to move forward. It may sound abstract, but trusting our instinct and heart we feel is an essential guide and filter in the work we set out to do.

We look forward to getting to know you. 

External expectations

To become a circular business is a tranformation from the inside out. Managing expectations and closely monitoring your circular identity, is what makes our approach personal, goal oriented and purpose driven.

Ready when you are.

Your impact matters


Every business case is an important part of a much larger puzzle

Every business topic can be attached to a circular business case. Following are some examples.

Circular Clarity helps SME’s enable future-fit impact and connects the intrinsic drive that is needed for your ideas to translate into equitable actions


Company: Modiform
Business: Horticulture packaging

Case core: Impact strategy EU


Company: TMC Manufacturing Support, Eindhoven
Business: We are an international high-tech company, comprised of Employeneurs with more than 65 nationalities who provide services to customers all over the world. We excel in research, development and engineering.

Case core: Impact strategy EU, co-creation 5 year masterclass program Sustainable Excellence


Comany: New Habitz
Business: Ecosysteem – Building holistic sustainable lifestyles with intention

Case core: Deepening impact strategy and strategic consultancy


Company: Munnik VVE Beheer, Hoofddorp
Business: Building and property management 1.000+ buildings (33.000+ homes)

Case core: Impact strategy and strategic business consultacy entire operation


Company: Blue Linked, Hazerswoude-dorp
Business: Circula fish, innovative reef restoration projects, consultancy and management.

Case core: Strategic business consultacy 

Photography: Bart van Engeldorp Gastelaars


Company: HITEC Road
Business: Infrastructuur

Case core: Impact strategy, international strategy, strategic and business consultacny 


Companu: Hot Item | Conclusion, Amsterdam
Business: Datagedreven besturen en factbased improvement

Case core: Impact- and SDG strategy


Company: Candour Clothing, Tilburg
Business: Improving lives through Circularity means that there’s an important role to play for each of us, where our brand is nothing without your belief in what we try to achieve.

Case core: Route to market start-up support, business consultacny


Company: Eevery
Kernactiviteit: We are a team of product specialists, developers, salespeople, marketeers and entrepreneurs united by a mission to help small businesses around the world improve their sustainability and become more socially responsible.

Case core: Workshops circular entrepreneurship Netherlands and UK.

Read our case study.


Company: Ibu Bos for Circular Clarity
Business: Improving interdisciplenary collaboration and communication

Case core: Improving interdisciplenary collaboration and communication. Establishing common-ground within various projects for Circular Clarity

“The costs for our planet far outweigh any potential financial gains: “The future does not lie in oil. The future belongs to renewable energy, and in that respect, we have much more to gain.” Greenland no longer accepts any oil exploration — 2022

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Our impact reserve moves projects

We have an impact reserve that we use to help projects increase their level of impact.

We select projects based on circular values, connected to the next generation

Company: Natuurlijk met Steef, Haarlem
Business: Impact lessons at primary schools

Case core: Overall support and sponsoring

Company: Gemeente (Municipality) Haarlem
Business: Nature and sustainability education

Case core: Collaboration on various social and ecological projects