Circular entrepreneurship

Door: Arjan van Jaaren
Founder, Circular Clarity
Gepubliceerd: 16 November 2022


The essence of Circular Clarity

Circular Clarity highlights and implements both technical and human values that enable sustainable impact. Together we build your inclusive ecosystem. Purposeful innovation and well-being are the core assets of a circular business. Future-fit by nature and trustworthy by identity.

 We help SME’s become circular entrepreneurs

We save SME’s time, by sharing the knowledge we’ve gained through other circular transitions and our extensive creative and operational background. We don’t preach a single path, but offer a compass that guides your unique path of circular transformation effectively. 

Core values as a future-fit driver 

Based on the core values of Trust, Knowledge, Transparency and Balance; we accelerate reaching strategic impact goals. Now. And in the future. We keep our own compass calibrated by co-creating with a growing network of independent professionals. Each characterized by both knowledge and being driven to deliver future-fit impact. The knowledge we gain, is the insight we share to empower your mission and vision. Ongoing research allows us to create a clear understanding about the challenges you face when going circular. 

Breaking complexity down 

We break complexity down, simply because we’ve visualized the circular journey from many different perspectives before. This allows our team to open mental doorways and highlight important values that coincide with circular transformation. Depending on your level of engagement and commitment, we will also connect your ideas to realistic and scalable solutions, peers and tools. 

Operationalizing and visualizing impact strategies is the DNA we offer as a partner in co-creations. Our core-values Creativity, Stability, Transparency and Accountability Integrity connect who we are to what we do. 

Purpose is (y)our destiny

Our purpose to pay what we do forward to the next generation and to build and nurture purpose driven sustainable partnerships. We are building an open source unique platform and ecosystem. Practicing what we deliver. Learning by doing. We care and share. Believing that Educating, Inspiring and Driving people towards purpose driven goals, helps heal the gaping wounds caused by efficiency and forgetting to find the root cause of challenges and priorities. 

Balance is key

Balance is the ultimate goal to create stability that isn’t solely defined by a financial number. Circular Clarity adds Social and Ecological value by being honest about your route to sustainable impact. It’s not a race to finish; but a quest to be true to (y)our identity. Critical reflection is a tool, not a way to prove one’s right.

The weight of social and ecological values 

Social and Ecological values weigh as two thirds on a future-fit balance sheet. Ignoring such high risks is no longer an option. To become a part of the solution is the aim. Ready to face challenges and ready for that next step. Well calculated and prepared. 

17 Sustainable Development Goals

We use the 17 Sustainable Development goals as a framework to open up important conversations with all of your stake-holders. We subsequently activate ideas and connect your existing business strategy to future-fit ideas and possibilities. We also use and research many other frameworks and models and incorporate them in our value compass. 

Taking an inside-out approach

A company’s alignment to any market, means serving its customers and people (demand).  However, demands are rapidly shifting. When we take a customer’s perspective into account. This is very much an ‘outside looking in’ approach. Aligning to demand assumes that demand is justified. A circular entrepreneur challenges the demand and wants to understand what purpose drives demand. And what solutions can be offered within the planetary boundaries we need to respect. 

Circular transformation is more about an ‘inside looking out perspective’. What does a market really need in this day and age? And from the core values of a company look outwardly and open up the doors to new thinking and opportunities. 

Circular thinking is the gateway to highlight such opportunities. Our researched approach is mindful and practical in a nutshell. 

More than just a quick fix

Much like personal development, we don’t go looking for a quick and temporary fix, instead we recognize a problem. Allow the problem to be a marker for improvement. And subsequently we investigate the problem and nurture a lasting solution. Cultivating common ground and a safe place for people to develop their talent in the process. We call this place our ecosystem. It takes time to nurture; but it supports life and creative thinking and problem solving.

Focus on solutions that matter

There is so much we can learn from each other, provided we don’t name and shame the past, but rather focus on solutions that matter. Coming to realize that most people want make our world a better place, means we must open up our minds to hear all ideas – but to accept that there are limits to good ideas. When we compromise a living Earth for next generations, think again. Find the alternative. Challenge yourself to learn and move forward. 

Your business, much like your body is a vehicle. And with the right knowledge you can find alternative sources of energy to drive those vehicles towards a sustainable horizon. 

If only it were that simple. Change is the hardest thing there is. And during times of economic instability, it is change that we often resist.

Aligning to future-fit frameworks

Already, the EU (CSRD, Green Deal, Taxonomy) states that all SME’s by 2026 must report transparently about their social and environmental impact, as well as their business-as-usual reports on finance, health, safety, and other strategic topics. From experience, we know that when the resources of time, people (knowledge) and time are fully aligned; a circular transition takes time to grow and mature.

Time to bring it all together

Now is the time to bring it all together. And to guide such a transformation requires a compass rather than a matrix. Simply because the destination is unknown. We can go off-grid, but we need learn how to navigate if we want to sail across the sea. We can’t box new ideas; yet this is what a lineair economy forces us to do. 

Your skills and talent are important

Skill, talent and values are at the core of the purposeful innovations we need. Look at the Ocean Clean-up project for instance. For an SME it’s important to start small. To see and understand the alternatives. And to develop organically as new possibilities come into focus. Eventually you really can contribute to bigger projects. Hunger, human rights, biodiversity, climate… pick your topic and find the positive development route within it. 

Will we fight for what’s wrong, or strengthen our course of action towards creating equitable solutions?

The challenge is to find the connection to purpose that makes sense in your market. And to see how that purpose then connects to new ideas and possibilities. 

The true potential of circular entrepreneurship

The essence being. Once you see the true potential of circular entrepreneurship, there is no turning back. But in times where societal trust is low, it is increasingly hard to drive change. Unless we connect to the heart of people. Remember, the law is in place. The timing of when to start is up to the leaders of a business to decide. But is currently pressed hard by people of all walks of life. We all want to feel like we’re making a positive impact at work. To learn from our mistakes. And to contribute to a business and culture that nurtures well-being and integrates purpose, flexibility and creativity into daily routines. It’s time for change. 

Connecting head to heart

Sustainability is a heartfelt topic. And that’s the simple reason why embedding sustainability, circularity, and corporate social responsibility at the heart of a business works. 

But there is more. Once you are ready to hear what people really have to say, you can activate common-goals and really start heading a more purpose driven course. Your products and services can be linked to ecological and social initiatives. 

Your contribution is important

You could publish a book, visit a school, host an event and engage all sorts of meaningful conversations that are out there every single day. You just need to know where to look. And rather than just firing good ideas; be aware that good ideas take time to come to life. Where we focus our energy, is crucial in moving forward. 

Valuing our past

In our quest for more and to move forward, we often forget to truly value our past. 

Circular teams tackle challenges

Yes, it’s challenging. But a challenge is what often drives a solid team. Yes, we encounter problems. But human beings are problem solvers at heart. Yes, you will need to simplify your operations and processes. But stability is smiling patiently at the other end. Letting go of the old is the new way of improving the effectivity of your business. Quality over quantity.  Circular Clarity uses R-ladder thinking and principles to develop such thoughts into equitable actions. 

A safe space to create solution

By taking an inside out approach, we also start to uncover weaknesses, faults, mistakes, and challenges. The real transformation takes place when leadership can rise above such conclusions and accept that businesses will be exposed to radical change the coming decades. To be non-judgmental. New leaders have the ability to tap into future-fit values that matter. 

Transforming from risk to opportunity

And that radical change can be guided from risk to opportunity. And this is just the beginning. Your journey and values are unique. And we are ready to help meet your priorities and challenges in getting started.

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