Creating impact requires a shift in the way we think and act

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Circular Transformation refers to the in-depth process of changing your business-as-usual model to a Circular strategy

There are many situations that can spark your Circular Transformation. Do you identify with any of these questions or challenges?


  • Succession
  • Generation hand-over
  • Value proposition
  • Challenge / rapid change
  • Transition to Circular Economy
  • Stake-holder engagement
  • Strategy evolution
  • Circular value discovery
  • Why, How, What development
  • Marketing transformation
  • Social goal integration
  • HR retention
  • Circular marketing
  • Impact strategy
  • Start-up / Scale-up strategy

New realities call for Circular Transformation

A future-oriented business thrives, when people, stake-holders, partners and the community all interconnect based on common values – and a system that focusses on creating Circular solutions and positive impact.

The Circular Transformation Model, helps simplify the complexity of your business-as-usual down into Circular building blocks. How this works, requires a process of learning.

When you understand the core of a challenge, you can set out to create the solution and strategy from the insight-out

As you shift your strategy with a new and refreshed mindset, new priorities will arise during your business development process.

Applying the Circular Transformation Model, we collaborate to identify your business-as-usual elements that become the priorities in shaping your Circular business model.

Deep dive - How it works (2 min. read)

When approaching Circular Transformation as the entire process, it’s complexity often leads to confusion. And confusion blocks progress. Like any transformative process; time is of the essence – and people enable change.

Ciruclar Clarity helps guide your Circular Transformation, by teaching a more organic approach to business development. Creating adaptable business solutions (methods, tools and creative elements), that deal with the challenges that new realities impose. On our website you find a broad outline of tools – but specific to your business; we will adapt the models to suit your mission and vision.

The ever-shifting priorities due to rapid change, become the elements that we focus creating solutions or content for.

A Circular strategy within a business, doesn’t replace your existing strategy. Instead, it interlinks all of your business-as-usual elements – and aligns them within a new business ecosystem. The result is that you experience personal and business growth opportunites and potential. Transformation is the ongoing evolution towards improvement, placed within the context of a Circular Economy.

For more details, please contact Arjan van Jaaren, or Marco Rog.



What circumstance or new reality is driving your reason to change?


During Circular Transformation, there are no set solutions. Instead, we invest in ongoing collaborations that enable value-based circular development.

Together we solve your challenges and create business solutions that offer alternatives to suit the new economy. And we eliminate the non-essential elements that add no value and take valuable time. If you are new to transformation, learn more about key terminology here.

What’s your challenge?

Let's do the work

Where would you place your question on the Circular Transformation Model? This will be the point of reference we start from.

  • We engage during a Video-call;
  • We deep dive into your question and identify if we can offer you the guidance that can help you move forward;
  • We make the personal connection;
  • Your question becomes a topic on the Circular Clarity learning platform;
  • Our professionals will work with you and create the required tools to move you forward;
  • We engage during a fixed challenge period and mutually invest in a learning curve that will really get to the essence of your question;
  • We present the advantages and talk about the best way for you to enable change;
  • Resources Time, People and Financials are transparantly discussed;
  • The subsequent steps really depend on the nature of you, your business and the challenge.

Read more about the more conventional services that may come-to-call during your transformational path.

The key is simplicity and changing your perspective

Static screenshot - Circular Canvas

Interactive and Regenerative Circular Business Model Canvas


Guiding a Circular Transformation, requires a regenerative and interactive Circular Business Model Canvas. An interactive and multifunctional business model canvas that helps save valuable time. 

Our Circular Business Model Canvas, functions as an evolving organic multi-layered business development tool. A starting reference point to guide the many elements you will face during Circular Transformation.

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Our tested approach, cuts through the complexity of your past. Exposing stake holders, partners and entrepreneurs to the opportunities the Circular economy and new realities present.

Because we update the Circular Canvas with every step we take forward, the Canvas offers entrepreneurs a unique “in-your-pocket” service – pointing out methods and thought principles that help guide your transformation.

The Circular Canvas is also the tool we use during our interactive Webinars and Workshops.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional stability guides transformation. Circular Clarity enables people to start thinking differently. Always working from the insight-out reflective principles that strengthen you for life.

How to engage?

  • Webinars and workshops
  • Private or team lead session(s)
  • The Value Legacy Timeline workshop
  • Circular Time Compass workshop
  • Personal (specific) program development
  • Leadership guidance (coaching/mentoring)
  • Your transformation can lead to a differnt starting point


Business Intelligence (BI)

Business intelligence leads a business from the old business-as-usual road map, to a regenerative Circular system. The primary focus is to strengthen the core of a business. To save time. Simplify action. Enable adaptability. And to change your course in business to a sustainable development path.

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How might a healthier, well-educated and thriving community, which is connected to value and sustainability, better support your organisation in both the short and long term?

What benefits could this bring in terms of attracting and retaining talent? And how will this benefit your cross-cultural and generational gaps?

Increasing levels of trust, creates loyalty. 


  • Value Proposition Workshops
  • Circular Business Modelling Development (BMC, Multiple Value Creation, tripple layered BMC)
  • Employee ownership, education and wellbeing
  • Inspiration sessions set around Regenerative Thinking (creating Value for every stake-holder in your wider ecosystem)

More Services

Digital Intelligence 

Circular Clarity ensures that solid foundations are in place to facilitate organic growth by modernising core technologies. Adopting relevant and new technical methodologies (such as design thinking) in order to unlock operational inefficiencies. 

To drive value-based digital innovation, you will need the right combination of people, business and technology. Circular Clarity can help build the right ecosystem, really understanding the big picture that will guide your digital innovation above-and-beyond. But if you move too quickly, your risks will quickly outweigh the opportunity.

With this in place, we energise your digital growth and capabilities; get you to understand how to create exceptional technology based experiences, while building digital talent and embedding a future-proof culture within your business first.

  • Digital transformation consultancy
  • Data driven business intelligence

Circular Economy (CE)


The Circular Economy is the system that will force industry away from the make-take-waste culture

The CE, is therefore more the system setting the (future) rules we need to understand in order to develop a future-oriented strategy. The CE acts as an important driver of change.

In aligning to the CE, Circular Clarity guides sustainable innovation by analysing products in a business-as-usual context and designs alternatives to fit this new economy.

Using Life Cycle Thinking, we help you develop new innovative and sustainable product opportunities for a future-oriented business. 


  • Life cycle product development
  • Product transformational programs
  • Sustainable development strategies
  • Custom programs

Circular Intelligence

Circular Intelligence is the unique level within Circular Transformation where we focus on unlocking your strategic intelligence. This means connecting the dots for you on a Circular road map that is realistic and makes sense. 

Together we perpetuate the influence needed in order to create momentum and generate leverage withing the larger business ecosystem. We focus on market, partnerships and other strategic elements that help align your future-oriented strategy. 

How to engage?

  • Circular Transformation Model training
  • Bespoke guidance programs (coaching/mentoring)
  • Long term strategic planning and building
  • Project management


The Big Picture

The bigger picture outlines the larger elements that ultimately need to be addressed, such as climate change. Or within your business, serving a purpose that lies beyond your daily activiteits. Therefore requiring a systematic change with your business.

Creating a clear understanding of the Big Picture, actually helps enables your future-oriented strategy. It’s an eye-opening experience to learn that even a local business, can help close the gap on important social and environmental challenges.

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Think for instance of the opportunities exposed by the great energy transition. Or the effect of transforming a product into the sustainable alternative.

But as we’ve learned in guiding transformations. First things first. Otherwise the bigger changes won’t come into effect. And although it’s part of the strategy to place our dot on the horizon. It’s essential that our vision doesn’t become blurred along the way.

In order to understand the bigger picture, we’ve aligned Circular Clarity to:

  1. The Doughnut Economic model by Kate Raworth
  2. UN Global Sustainable Development Goals
  3. Circular Economy

Once we arrive at this level of Circular Transformation, we will be discussing:


  • Strategic monitoring
  • Community investments
  • Educational programs
  • Deeper level collaboration
  • Bespoke development

More Services

Circular Clarity Services

We Value Integrity, Creativity and Transparancy. How may be we of service in co-creating your legacy?

The above outlined Circular Transformation Model (route), refers to the entire transformational process of a business. Many other circumstances call for a more convential way to work together.

Let’s zoom-in-to-the options:

  • Creative Services
  • Personal Development
  • Business Transformation
  • Sustainable Product Innovation
  • Community Development
  • Workshops & Events
  • Digital Transformation Development

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