Circular transformation

Circular Transformation refers to the in-depth process of changing your business-as-usual model to a Circular strategy. We help future proof your business according to the latest insights. Measuring your positive impact at any level, empowering you to accelerate change and adapting to new or upcoming rules and regulations. And of course adding an important new indicator to your mission, vision and legacy.

On this page we take you on the journey of a circular transformation. Remember that everything we do is adaptable to suit your specific situation or challenge. 

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Development cycle as the starting point of transformation

Circular Clarity helps to connect your existing business strategy to new impact driven values. In order to discover and later implement this important new step to your business, we work with the circular Business Intelligence (BI) model. The main development topics/elements are: ‘Purpose’, ‘People’ and ‘Process’.

The main topics/elements create value. Creating value is at the very core of every step we re-develop within your business in working towards your impact driven strategy.

Ready to dig in? Circular Clarity organises workshops to help enable your impact strategy. If you are on the path of creating a better future in some form or way, we are here to help you accelerate and clarify your measurable steps forward. Contact us and let’s start our conversation.



Purpose leads to positive impact

Discovering purpose in life is an adventure of trial and error. Every human being has a purpose, often hidden close to the surface. Imagine the power and energy that unlocks when the intrinsic purpose driven values of people are connected to the purpose of a business.


Focus on well-being and health

 In a world that is changing rapidly, it becomes more apparant and important that our well-being is what we take into each and every day. Health is never something we should take for granted, but rather an essential part of life that can be nurtured to give is energy in life and business.


Simplicity and creativity safe time

Visualizing processes rather than writing them out, with the aim to continuously simplify and re-connect people and other elements to improve a process, creates the organic transformation from efficiency to effectiveness. At the same time creating a more enjoyable work form for all.

“The power of circular entrepreneurship is that you can justify, measure and create positive impact by thinking outside of the boxes that limit innovation towards the future…”

Circular transformation

Are you ready to create your circular business case? Workshops are an effective way to accelerate your transition to a circular model. Workshops are also effective in creating strategic, stake-holder or employee engagement. Your impact leads our focus.

A healthy business ecosystem – start by re-defining [your priority or impact objective/target]

Higher impact, less resources


Creating balance


Simplify processes



KPI stewardship


Satisfactory ratio (HR)


Time and efficiency

Common ‘abstract’ directions

Corporate, social and ecological responsibilty

Impact towards the bigger picture such as the Sustainable Development Goals or operating within planetary boundaries

Alignment of existing intrinsic values to a circular model and contributing to the well being, health and safety of people

Time to support talent and innovation, ways to embed continuous (re)learning

Transparency in business, procurement and supply chains

Life cycle analysis and circular product transformations according to R-ladder principles or other law and/or regulations

Future proofing and direction

Drive, energy and focus

Influence and development

Continuous (re)learning

“What indicators will measure your positive impact and how do you identify and implement these filters..?”

Impact indicator

KPI dashboard


Break even goal

Sustainable development goals

Restoring values

The road to regenerative

Impact analysis

During the Analysis phase, we explore your question, business case or challenge. This step leads towards the right impact strategy and steps forward.

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The circular economy offers entrepreneurs endless opportunities to align to. Also from an economic perspective, which is often forgotten when discussing sustainability. 

With our hybrid approach to business development, we are able to create effective and agile strategies that help accelerate and enable your impact strategy. No matter what the nature of your mission of vision may be.

Once you see what opportunities can be aligned to your business as usual strategy, you will soon understand that sustainability is the only way forward. Of course we will tackle the all important elements of time, people and resources within your business, so that circular transformation becomes an organic movement within your business.

Circular Clarity can apply various instruments to help create an overview of circular business options. And from that overview, we can work to the insight needed to implement change. For instance applying our Operational Excellence (OpEx) experience.

Mission - Vision

Transparancy creates new levels of balance between people and elements. New levels of balance that will be the standard for next generations.

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What is your legacy really about?

We truly find it an honor to be able to walk along your legacy path for short amounts of time. ‘Short’ because we always set out to enable your business and empowering people to do the job.

Your legacy captured in the right mission and vision connects your business strategy to the future. What values do you pay forward?

Your mission simplifief is a combination of understanding what intrinsic values drive you and your team – and how to connect such values to the vision you project to the outer world. 

Value proposition

By applying deep knowledge and high level focus, we are able to accelerate creating multiple values for all stake-holders attached to your business.

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Circular values are an addition to the existing values that drive your business. With the added advantage that circular values also contribute to co-creating a better future. And it’s with that re-connection that you can approach business in a completely new way.

You will come to discover that within your ecosystem, you are able to create multiple values for all stake-holders attached to your business.

Circular values can be measured, creating the content for impact reports, marketing or HR campaigns and much more.


To identify the right positive impact and subsequently reverse the process to a measurable strategy and plan is our expertise. It is our mission to enable your impact strategy.

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Circular transformation is the continuous evolution of business towards simplicity, creativity, transparancy and positive impact. This is how you ultimately create clarity in circular business.

Critical reflection is needed and a part of the process. There is no single answer, only the ongoing process of creating more value and aligning the right people to the right elements within your business.

To help guide our circular transformation process, we have developed a unique and adaptable business model canvas. All the elements as listed on this interactive canvas, as well as your existing strategic elements. Together they form the starting point for an intense, but creative and enjoyable time of deep level thinking and business development.

Ultimately you are creating your own circular canvas. Once you learn how to apply this strategic tool in business, the subsequent steps become more and more visible and apparent. You start to understand the colours we use and why. And how you are actually the very core value of the new strategy we are forming.

Circular Canvas

What’s your dot on the horizon?


A Circular EU in 2050 - setting the example to inspire the world to become circular as soon as possible

Ask your question

“Welcome to the Anthropocene. The era in which science and technology drive people to undiscovered heights. But also the era bringing us to a cross-road.

Do we use our innovations to further improve our individual living conditions, or do we choose to focus on the bigger picture that connects us all; our Planet, a place that belongs to us all..”

Manon Laterveer- de Beer

An inclusive world requires a re-set

Creating positive impact means that you prioritise implementing strategic goals that help co-create a better world. Creating profit, as well as improving social and/or ecological conditions. You recognise that investing a part of profit into your circular development will help create balance. Without attaching balance to the just the financial balance sheet.

Circular Clarity interconnects a worldwide network of impact driven partners. Together with business leaders from all over the world, we set out to accelerate change. Fully aware that sometimes existing business elements need to be re-aligned before circular change can be fully implemented. 

There are many urgencies that we can align actionable tools to

We are all a part of a transformation towards a better future. Some of us call this the evolution of life, bear in mind that many people are still at the level of having to survive, rarther than even thinking about the future. Stuck in the gaps we have created.
Now is a perfect time to take action. We are here to help you see that creating positive impact can develop your business and also help create and accelerate important social and economic change. Business as a force of good.
In order to justify your transition, we are able to show you how to apply certain KPI’s in order to guide your course of action towards a suitable impact strategy.

We borrow the future from the next generation

“Creating circular clarity is not about pointing fingers. To co-create a better future, simply means we need to get to work. Enough talking. After thirty years of entrepreneurship across many industries, as well as C-Level positions at high-level companies, the opportunity presented itself to step out and start connecting the international network of knowledge we have the priveledge of working with. There are many old economic examples that were leading to human waste. Therefore Marco and I stepped out and decided to push forward and help co-create a better future for our children. Taking responsibility wasn’t easy in transforming away from our past; but it’s a journey that has lead to our greatest joy and pride in our careers yet. The insights we have gained, both good and bad, we apply to challenge the old economy the accelerate to much more exciting alternatives. We share all we know and apply full focus to get the job done… Including the metrics to justify and convince this is not just a dream – but a realistic journey that connects us all…”