Circular values

Circular values helps simplify transforming your business and projects to a circular model. Think of them as a compass to future proof your organisation. 

Values work best when all value indicators and characteristics align. When values are intrinsicly felt and (re)connected. When people manage to connect, aligning to circular values help increase well-being and an overall sense of satisfaction.

Apart from personal values, it is also important to learn what values help work on impact driven strategies related to social or ecological change. When all elements align, both personal and business related, businesses become impact driven and can take clear steps forward towards the circular model that aligns them to future demands, needs and requirements. 

Circular values
for a future proof business


To implement a strategic indicator that monitors the balance between social, ecological and economical impact. Balance is aimed at ultimately contributing to restoring social, ecological and economical values.


Naming both the positive and negative effect of business conduct for both products and services. Adding measurable indicators based on evolving scientific or academic standards. The same responsibility is communicated within the entire supply chain of a business. 


Implemening 360 degree transparency within a business. To communicate the value of transparancy both within the organisation and to external stake-holders. Values or actions that arise as a result of introducing full transparency, to be included in a roadmap towards accomplishing this strategic goal.

impact focus.

Allocate an impact reserve. A part of profit is specifically used to create a positive impact towards ecological and social projects. The impact reserve becomes a communication and tool for innovation that shows the true intend of a business within society or the larger ecosystem it is a part of. The impact reserve is both credited by profit and a minimum of 10% time, where the employee is given the time to invest into the companies impact reserve without adding pressure to the daily activiteit.


The be aware that beyond sustainability we enter the era of regenerative thinking. To become regenerative a business includes the next generation to be a part of implementing such change at strategic level.

    “A circular mindset
is our gateway to change”

— Arjan van Jaaren, Founder

aware of time.

To create a clear roadmap and strategy towards sustainability, circularity and full corporate responsibility, linked to the publication of a timeline that is shared with all stake-holders, including banks, financial institutions or other investors.


To embed continuous learning within the organisation and to share all sources that we learn from. This creates the new and evolving knowledge base and is connected to future strategic development goals aimed to create positive impact.


To be willing and able to transform business-as-usual to circular or regenerative alternatives, based on impact priorities. For this transformation from old to new to be used as the example to apply adaptable KPI’s to a business.


To pay values and knowledge forward to future generations, without adding financial or other restricting conditions to reciprocity. 


To at least recognise the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development goals as a general compass that creates awareness that any person or business is ultimately a part of a bigger ecosystem.  

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