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Our primary focus when guiding Circular transformations, is to understand what values drive people in both life and business. And what intelligent and realistic actions can transform a business into a purpose driven enterprise that transcends generations with ease and dignity

There are many circumstances that can lead to change. Change is actually a great way to describe life. Is life simply the expanding experience we create?

Change is often driven by our wish to expand. It is clear that we can no longer expand without understanding the future we co-create.

We believe that creativity simplifies complexity.

Circular Clarity helps identify core values – and subsequently works towards co-creating (marketing) strategies that align to purpose. Always starting with the core that drives change. People.

Serving a purpose in life and business is not just checking an “I did it” box. Serving purpose creates a sustainable roadmap forward in life and business. And in return, feeds what we do with unmeasurable wealth. Let’s start at the beginning.

Sustainability, Time, Well-being, Purpose, Impact and Adaptability – are essential Circular elements that need to be taken into consideration when calibrating business models and people to a Circular and purspose driven future or Economy.

Marketing is the ultimate business instrument that creates the opportunity to expose what your mission and vision is all about. But getting to the essence of “what you are about”, is so much more in a World that is changing faster than ever before.

Setting financial goals is easy. The big shift is happening because we are no longer accomplishing our financial goals using dated strategies. Content must become organic. We can no longer expand when we ignore the facts that influence our future.


Our World is faced with countless Social, Economical and Environmental challenges. Serving a purpose, means addressing one or more of these challenges. People can take action by changing the choices they make.

Every act of kindness sparks another. All legacies start with a single step.


> Creativity simplifies communication
> Integrity guide actions

Virtues simplify the choices we make. Learning to focus on what matters saves time.


[ Step 1 ]

Our primary focus is directed towards saving time and understanding the bigger picture that drives you in life and business. From this starting point, we present an introductory road map. Depending on the skills required to guide your transition, we align the right people to start creating the methods that will guide you, your team or business towards a Circular strategy.


Now? Social, economic and environmental challenges are the major reason for the transition to a Circular Economy speeding up. Anticipating the changes coming your way, greatly affects the impact. Given the fact change is inevitable; aligning your vision might as well commence as soon as you’re ready. Are you ready? What circumstance is driving change?


Circular Clarity is based in the Netherlands. We form an International collective of experienced creative entrepreneurs. Focussing on co-creating interactive methods that help people and strategies calibrate to the changes imposed by our inevitable transition to a Circular and purpose driven Economy.


Circular Clarity co-creates dependable and creative methods, that help save time and align people, entrepreneurs, teams and businesses to value and purpose. We offer dependable skills that (re)builds and (re)connects a business and people to a clear sense of purpose and a steadfast course of action.

Clear presentations that break complexity into simplified visuals. Interactive so they can grow and change as you do. Adaptable because nothing lasts forever. Visual, because text will one day become obsolete. 

Change always starts with the way people think and act. Rippling out to the way we build the organic campaigns that define legacies and our future endeavours. 

Align with confidence – and Circular Clarity leads to creating and attracting exciting sustainable opportunities.


Together, we build an interactive and adaptable roadmap. And in co-creating your roadmap (circular business model canvas) – your legacy flows into alignment with important circular values that are guaranteed to sharpen your vision towards a circular future. We strive to break through the layers of complexity surrounding any business, team, project or person. Simplicity, creativity and integrity are key values we live and work by.

Circular Marketing connects the dots between purpose and action

Once your strategy is aligned to circular principles; a business naturally advances to creating a Circular Marketing campaign. Circular Marketing is how and where a business starts (re)building a new and exciting organic base for people (customers, employees, partners, co-creators) to really connect to the essence of a brand.

We come with Virtue driven intention and like to keep it simple

Rightly so, every business owner, CEO, Director or entrepreneur knows exactly what he or she is doing. A true specialist in adapting to situations and change. Dealing with challenges all the time.

But a Circular road map and alignment requires a different skill set. Best described as a new chapter in business history, driven by the changes larger than life and business.

Due to our extensive experience, we will carefully outline and expose the impact we expact you will face in taking steps forward. Co-creating means we submerge with all the values we set forward in creating our own expansion.

Clients (co-creators) depend on our full committment at the highest level. Ensuring a sustainable collaboration that will stand the test of time.


We look forward to connecting.

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