Services that enable, justify and verify your circular business and impact strategy

The road to enabling postitive impact, coincides with taking challenges and completing various business tasks. Our hybrid approach leads to a justifyable, adaptable and creative business development strategy that is unique to Circular Clarity, yet interconnects various leading tools and industry standards.

This page outlines various possibilities and gives you a basic overview of the output that can be measurably generated by applying our program instruments. The first step is to have a conversation to ensure that we understand a clear path to align your challenge to a high value circular deliverable.

We are critical in guiding our clients away from green washing. Instead, we guide towards empowering your impact and expanding your business into a circular ecosystem. 


  • Impact-analysis
  • Life cycle analysis products
  • Circular development organistions
  • Workshop – Impact acceleration

Mission - Vision

  • Creative development
  • Mind-mapping
  • Why, How, What
  • Text and content development
  • Strategic circular campaigning
  • Circular marketing
  • Workshop – Legacy timeline

Value creation

  • Circular business model canvas
  • Reflection / mentoring
  • Stake-holders value creation
  • Start-up guidance
  • Workshop – Circular business modelling


  • KPI’s and dasboards
  • HR & Communication
  • Strategic Operational Excellence (SOpEx)
  • Marketing monitoring
  • Impact reporting
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Workshop – Measuring and validating impact

Circular Clarity co-creates instruments that enable your impact strategy, the music is yours to play

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Value is created when people, knowledge and trust align. Integrity guides our actions during any collaboration.


Simplicity saves valuable time. Our tested working methods are about saving you valuable time.


We are 360 degrees transparent about the value that we create. Every actionable element that we create, is yours to take forward without any complicated contract.


Everything that we create and set forward is authentic. By matching output to your unique qualities, we create the authentic content that guides your legacy forward.


We aim to activate the creative part of your brain that leads to a smile and sense of passion and excitement. Visualising strategy in creative ways improves engagement and reduces reading time. 

Creative development

It is our passion to capture your vision and connect to your intrinsic values
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We all need space to think sometimes

Intrinsic value discovery

It takes courage to change
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Circular business development

Let's enable your impact strategy and measure results
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Life cycle innovation

Understanding the life cycle exposes opportunities
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Impact strategies

What values define your legacy?
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Learning and re-learning

It takes continuous learning to keep up with rapid change
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Impact metrics

Building, connecting, measuring and validating supply chains
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