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Imagine a World where every Euro, Product or Service, represents a contribution to address social or ecological challenges. Together we leverage your impact, to become part of the bigger changes we want to see in the World…

Impact drives direction

Circular Marketing is the method that enables the right impact strategy for your business.

Creating your impact strategy, requires an adaptable approach that connects the dots between your past knowledge (How you and your business came to this point). Your present ability and skill to apply that knowledge (What you do and the products and services that you offer). And the road map to the impact strategy that you commit to (Your purpose-of-impact) – this is the positive impact you focus your campaign building towwards. 

The impact that you focus on, can be a social or environmental campaign. The trick is to get the right objective-of-impact, aligned to your vision. During your campaign development, we will need several creative-services. But the first and foremost importance, is to really create a future-oriented vision to lead your brand and to apply your mission as a force of good in a structural way.

Most businesses already reserve for charity. But the real magic happens, when your donations ultimately transform and become a structural part of your business (impact) strategy. This type of Marketing transformation is a game-changer. Circular Clarity can help guide your existing marketing team to this level. Or support by creating elements to enable your change.

Creating an impact strategy is not a quick fix. Creating an impact strategy, is a committment to align purpose to your mission. One step at a time. No need to be the hero now. Much more important to be the legend your kids remember later.

Your community investments lead to brand loyalty and new levels of engagement.


There is only one clock that tracks the time for us to create real impact.

What would you do if someone gave you more time?

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Time is the most valuable asset we have in life. If you want to create real impact, you need to be aware of time. Directing your focus to the elements that matter most.

No matter what impact you want to create, time is the variable and timing of the essence. The more time you have, the more impact you create.


The best results in business are enabled, when the collective-mind collaborates to support and implement a strategy that focusses on creating positive impact.

What impact do want to create?

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When aligning yourself or a team to an impact strategy; it is essential to understand the big picture. Guiding people to connect to your impact strategy succesfully, requires a combination of mindset and strategy.

Circular Clarity choses to educate you (small business and start-up), or the people within your business (scale). Of course we can temporarily support you with creative services; but is more beneficial when you learn to take Circular Marketing forward. 

Within our ecosystem, we can connect you to the right resources.


Circular Clarity helps transform your business-as-usual marketing strategy, to an impact strategy that connects your mission to your vision.

Circular Clarity presents an easy to implement method that realigns your marketing budget; thus allowing for a smooth transition between marketing-as-usual, to your impact driven campaign.

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Circular Clarity offers a realistic method that re-aligns your ‘old economic marketing budget’, to flow towards your organic impact strategy.

We start with a simple proof of concept (POC). And from the POC, we develop organically and collaborate when, where and however needed. No lock-ins. No complicated contracts. Read more about our services.

The closed loop Circular Clarity approach that align existing resources to the new impact strategy, minimises the always tricky subject of allocating (new) budget.

Circular means to create the natural (closed loop) flow of resources towards a new strategy driven by purpose and sustainability.

This method can also be applied across other business elements. It is essential to align this strategy with the overall future-oriented path we set out to follow.

Real values lead impact strategies

Finding purpose leads to value

  • Your legacy matters in a Circular Economy
  • Every brands is a force of good
  • Creating impact leads direction
  • Impact puts meaning at the core of your business
  • The impact you stand for, connects clients, employees and stake-holders
  • Impact strategies creates value to life’s (smarter, healthier, happier)
  • Finding our true purpose in life, leads to a feeling of contentment and satisfaction

Finding purpose creates the unstoppable energy that supercharges your impact strategy.


We look forward to getting to know you. To share knowledge. And to help you move forward towards the most important element in developing your future-oriented business and strategy.

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