Building bridges between the linear and circular economy

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Making impact. Clear focus areas help connect making impact to an equitable strategy.


Practising what we deliver, makes it easier to share how impact is made visible and measurable.

Circular Clarity helps create your roadmap towards circularity. We work closely with SME’s, teams and people. Start-ups and scale-ups adopt circular strategies in order to live and operate by new standards. We share what we learn during cross-industry circular transformations.

Measuring impact subsequently leverages your strategy to lead by example. Will you lead of follow?

Making impact relates to more than the eye can see. It’s about connecting what we feel and who we are to what we do.

Aligning your story to a much bigger picture

Circular Clarity helps strengthen your identity to contribute as a key stake-holder to a regenerative future. A future in which many SME’s already participate and exchange values.

The value compass is designed to connect your ideas to an equitable impact strategy.

Intrinsic motivation exposes hidden potential

Beyond the technical and measurable steps that are inevitable when aligning to sustainability, circularity or social responsibility, we connect to the essence of a circular business. People and value. And the intrinsic drive that can often only be felt, before it can be calculated, measured or justified.

Your actions signify your level of circularity

In short, the movement towards circularity marks the journey from a make-take-waste, to a regenerative approach. Affecting and influencing who we are, what we do and how we operate.

Measuring impact, leverages your new or existing circular ideas to the next level. By re-purposing time, people and resources towards future objectives, we take responsbility for future generations.

"Every act of kindness sparks another..."

— Beach clean-up events by Natuurlijk met Steef


Sustainable Development Goals

Our focus areas are directly linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our approach connects daily business activiteit to bigger impact topics. The SDG’s offer a great framework to make sense of the bigger issues that surround every person and business today.