The noblest art is that of making others happy

— P.T. Barnum

our core values

Our core values connect who we are to what we do

Our core values capture who we are and how we work. Our brand promise towards customers and the next generation.


Creativity enables deeper levels of learning.

Contiuously pressed by time, we need to (re)learn complex skills in order to align to future fit values and indicators. Creative thinking is an effective way to use both sides of our brain for future-fit thinking and problem solving.

Source: Dana Foundation, Research neuroscience in 50+ countries by 500+ scientists.


We have no hidden agenda

Without hidden complexities, we co-create. The value compass embeds our core values so that we can be transparant in our thoughts and actions.



Integrity is the foundation that enables trust

We say what we do and do what we day. With our transparent approach, we make sure that integrity always remains a core driver to establish trustworthy relationships quickly. Quickly, because there is no time to waste in working towards future fit values. Actions speak louder than words.


Stability forms maturity

Our ability to adapt is challenged each and every day. By adding stability to projects and organisations, we help create a workplace that is attractive and generation resilient. Stability is the very core driver that allows for people to settle into work and focus towards goals that really matter. Short term gain, transforms into long-term impact.

Arjan van Jaaren (left) & Marco Rog


"A circular mindset is (y)our gateway to change..."

— Circular

value compass