We want actively contribute to a balanced future for all

Our impact signifies how we direct our time and focus into creating circular clarity

Our impact has come to form by using our value compass methodology. We practise what we deliver. To be able to devote all of our time to purpose driven projects, is a gift we worked hard for and appreciate every given day.

Circularity evolves business to an ecosystem

We believe that people are at the core of the circular economy. Often forgotten, we rush to align to urgent objectives, forgetting to engage and involve all stake-holders. Circular Clarity invites you to join an inclusive ecosytem as the common-ground where talent, projects and companies interact to create and exchange future-fit value.

Sustainability creates balance

Circular thinking and acting helps us find and create a better balance between social, ecological and economic values. We believe that sustainability touches upon every element of people and business.

Sustainability is so much more than we often give credit for. Circular clarity unlocks the full potential of sustainability as a strategic driver.

Corporate and social responsibility

By 2026 all SME’s are obligated to report on social and ecological, as well as their economic impact. This is causing a major shift in business models towards circular models. By sharing experience and continuous learning, Circular Clarity is able to help you translate thought into equitable actions. The aim is to create generation resilient value and to respect the planetary boundaries in the process.

"The noblest art is that of making others happy..."

— P.T. Barnum



We choose the UN Sustainable Development goals as our framework to coneect the work we do, to equitable action. 


Our impact is also aligned to the EU CSRD, Taxonomy, Circular Economy and other future-fit frameworks. Beyond words, every claim made is embedded in our core DNA. One equitable step at a time.

Circular Clarity is a partner of SDG Nederland. Click on the coloured SDG icons to see how we make impact.

Impact partners

We choose to work with partners that have future-fit values embedded in their core DNA.


By 2025, all SME's are obliged to report on their social and ecological footprint