Purpose is (y)our destiny

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This is our story

“Our story began, when one day we were asked to help guide a very profound transformation – and to establish a trustworthy system that would act as a way to pay value and knowledge forward to the next generation..” 

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Purpose connects who we are,
to what we do

“I focus on cultivating common-ground, so that creativity can showcase its transformative value within business operations. This is my reason to step-up and act…” — Arjan van Jaaren, Founder

Video in collaboration with: Martijn Krijtenburg

Podcast (Dutch) hosted by Bianca Streng

“During my podcast with Bianca Streng, I was able to put into words how re-purposing time, people and money towards purposeful work, benefits all stake-holders of a business…” — Marco Rog, Founder

In collaboration with Bianca Streng, circular fashion expert

A legacy needs time to grow and flower

We don’t just dream of a better World for the next generation to participate in; we set out to help co-create it. We evolve Circular Clarity as a cross-functional business development program and learning platform (the ecosystem). We help build long lasting connections between the past, present and future. Between generations, talent, the old and new economy. Challenging the old with the knowledge we ourselves gained in transitioning towards a new way of creating value. 

We exist, in order to Educatie, Inspire and Drive people towards a more Circular approach to life. We would be honoured if you allow your legacy to grow within our ecosystem. Happiness and value discovery are the tangible result you take forward in life forever.

The greatest gift in life and business is to pay your legacy forward as the foundation for the next generation to build on

When I started the journey of finding my own Circular Clarity; my seven year old son told me: “Dad; everything is connected. And if it’s not connected, than just re-connect it”. I cannot explain this wisdom, but accept it with a great big smile.

Turns out we’re all on the same journey…


— Arjan van Jaaren, Founder

This is how our story began

Our story began, when one day we were asked to help guide a very profound transformation – and to establish a trustworthy system that would act as a way to pay value and knowledge forward to the next generation. A journey not about measuring success, but about discovering long-lasting values. When facing the end of your life, the question of “what’s really important” drastically alters.

Stuck within the Old economy and high pressured jobs and committments, we set out to work and received our first investment.

Subsequently we faced an intense period of reflection and decided to stop serving the old economy. It was depleting our personal energy; much like the old economy is depleting so many resources. And the only way to really lead and learn about change, is to lead by example. To learn and unlearn. To discover and stick to real value; despite the hardship you may face in getting there. To rise above your comfort in serving others. Accepting that we all transition; the only question is how and when.

By learning to let go, we became free to connect the dots between our past, present and future. Digging deep to establish and live by the values we set forward. And finding a much happier path in life and work as a result. And as the journey of finding true purpose unfolded; everything from generations of knowledge started coming together.


Years later, having walked the walk of many a transition, we continue to translate the knowledge we’ve gained to help entrepreneurs move forward. The only way to deal with new realities, is by adapting our mindset and strategy in moving forward.

We continue to study human value, emotional intelligence, the circular economy, operational excellence and many more elements that interest us intrinsically. And we set out to continuously filter more knowledge into our ever evolving business model. 

It is obvious that in a World full of great but abstract ideas, the best way to build bridges between generations, is to simply get to work. To trust a value system we can all share. And to focus on strengthening the core of people and business first.

And if we want people to act within a Circular Economy, we must focus on simplicity and building strength from within. If people do not understand how they can connect their passion to a new reality, they will avoid making the change. And although it sounds easy to change. To actually see change through takes courage, persistence and open mindset. 

So often the abstract thoughts of change as set forward by leaders, forgets to speak to the people that actually drive change at community level(s). This is how for instance the gap between politics has grown massively towards individualism and polerisation. Now is a great time to change and co-exist.

Circular Clarity is a business catalyst and platform to enable such change.

We are grateful to have been allowed into a network with over nine generations of entrepreneurial history.

We add to this our daily passion for Circular entrepreneurship and our personal experiences that have lead us to this point. We continue to learn and apply our values each and every day. What we confirm with full confidence, is the unlimited possibilites that unfold when you take steps forward towards a more circular approach to life and business.

We have figures out the metrics to support our program. Ways to form reports and other documents to convince the old economy that the circular journey is worth taking and a responsbible way forward. But beyond the metrics we unlock the real empowerement of systemic change and a regenerative approach to life and business. 

Here and now is where life happens. Beyond our comfort zone is where we learn. And nature is the primary example of a Circular system working. After all; we’re all a part of the circle of life. Earth is circular by nature. Our body by system.

And the greatest gift in life and business, is to pay value forward. And to create impact driven strategies that help create that better future we all dream of.

There is so much to talk about and share. Most importantly beyond our own passion and mission. What’s the story of your legacy? How may we be of service to help you connect to a better future?

Does impact have a sound?

Photography: Stephan Metzner