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Meet our team. We all share values in wanting to co-create a better world

We represent an inclusive eco-system. A safe place where we can add our own unique talent. Because of our diverse exoerience and background, all related to enabling positive imapct, we are able to co-create multiple values based on circular principles.

We look forward to seeing how we can collaborate.

Arjan van Jaaren

Creative circular strategist
06 – 420 70 878

Marco Rog

Circular strategist
06 – 125 302 19

Manon Laterveer- de Beer

Text and content (Marine biologist)

Henri Nieuwhuis


Sanne de Laater


Vincent de Smedt

Life cycle specialist

Theresa Thomasson

Circular impact specialist

Lucy Ghazal

Creative strategist

Steef de Ruijter

Impact value teacher

Maartje Bos

Resilient city & business innovator

Karam Ghazzi

Programmer / Photographer

Leonie Haas

Visual communication

Martijn Krijtenburg


André Vellekoop

Circular value and financial specialist

“You don’t need to do anything to be yourself, but need to move a lifetime to remain who you are..?”

— Circular

Lex Raijmakers

Circular cloting and digital expert

Haiko Huvenaars

Circular clothing expert

Stephan Metzner


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Location: the Netherlands

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