Connecting who we are to what we do

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Our ecosysteem is a connective non-physical space; we all look for ways to share purposeful value to help solve challenges; the value compass is the instrument we navigate with

Each independent professional dedicated to add value. Unique in who we are and what we deliver, we can adapt to your specific needs when it comes down to future-fit development.

Arjan van Jaaren

Impact business enabler &
circular strategist (co-founder)
06 – 420 70 878

Marco Rog

Impact business stabiliser & 
circular strategist (co-founder)
06 – 125 302 19

Manon Laterveer- de Beer

Marine biologist, text writer

Henri Nieuwhuis

Business controller, ecosystem re-connector

Sanne de Laater

Online visibility

Vincent de Smedt

Circular economy

Merel Segers

Footprinting expert, co-founder The Footprinters

Victoria Tully

Circular governance and inclusivity

André Vellekoop

Financial expert, circular values

“You don’t need to do anything to be yourself, but need to work a lifetime to remain who you are…”

Steef de Ruijter

Impact value teacher

Maartje Bos

Resilient city & business innovator

Haiko Huvenaars

Circular clothing expert

Leonie Haas

Visual communication

Martijn Krijtenburg


Lex Raijmakers

Circular cloting and digital expert

Annelot Manshanden

Facility Management and circular people

Stephan Metzner


Michelle van Koert

Circular research and case builder

"If you can't connect, you can reconnect..."

— Sammy van Jaaren (8 years)