Pi-LAB re-connects purpose

Pi-LAB, our letter to the future

Beyond the innovations that can help accelerate positive impact, people seek purpose in life. By fully investing all our time, life and work experience, as well as taking the eventful road of ‘practising what we share’, we have discovered that purpose is the virtue that enables true positive impact. However, reality is that it takes time, patience, passion and persistence in order to interconnect the ideology of making a positive impact into our daily practises of both life and work. But once you feel how; there is no way back.

Connecting thought to action

Rather than waiting for the inevitable ‘personal journey of change’ to kick people into gear; we set out to accelerate change by means of sharing real life experiences and applying knowledge by using our circular value compass. We choose to be vulnerable at times. If only it can lead one more personal journey of change towards positive impact. We trust that that journey too, given time, encouragement and support, will unfold into a powerful ripple of change that will reach far beyond what the eye can see now.

Circular Value Compass

The circular value compass is an agile instrument that keeps evolving by means of people continuously learning and by feeding newly acquired knowledge back into the focus areas and models that are enabled by the attractor of the compass. The attractor is the pivoting point representing our core values.

 Adaptability is one of our greatest assets in moving forward as humans…

Your journey is unique

The focus areas are the actionable elements (like continuous learning), that can be aligned to your unique journey towards accelerating the positive impact you want to enable. Once people increase their level of knowledge, they learn to see that the intrinsic purpose that makes them unique, really can be worked into a daily practise.

 True purpose is difficult to enable, but leads to great moments

Purpose is not the high horse seat; it’s the power of the galop once you learn how to ride. Positive impact is not the unattainable dot on the horizon that seems beyond a pragmatic approach to life. It takes a compass to learn how to navigate towards that horizon.

A circular mindset is our gateway to change. 

The start of the journey is about opening our hearts and mindset to change. And the more our life and work endures pressure; the further away we push the purposeful road we can walk together. Whichever unique value defines ‘circular’ is yours to discover. Circular means we evolve to learn, and we remember that the core of evolution evolves around purpose.

You are the change the world needs  

Be it diversity, equality or adding knowledge to solve a specific water, hunger or climate related challenge. The UN Sustainable Development Goals offer a great umbrella to guide smaller impact to larger socio-economic projects. This is how help transform idealistic goals into a pragmatic reality. Along this journey of change we need to address what products and services we offer and why. And learn that a new approach doesn’t mean we change what we do; but we align to purpose.

Purpose is a great driver of innovation; but defining what ‘purpose’ means is where the initial challenge arises. Do serve purpose as a next fashionable value to decorate our business; or do we measure up and write the next chapter in our business legacy?

People need to change before systems can

The reality is that we as people need to change before we can change or influence larger systems. Some say that self-love is a good starting point. Others would refer to some form of personal pain they endured. The complication of facing your own root problems is another reason for not embracing change here and now. We are continuously reminded of having to go back to pre-covid situations, rather than evolving forward to a better place. The pain of having a difficult childhood, disrespectful first boyfriend or upbringing in a different culture, all need to be understood and placed on a personal timeline, before we can step into fully trusting others. And with all the damage done in the world, it becomes harder and harder each day to open our hearts to trust.

 This is about (Y)OUR future

In simple words. YOU and your unique ability to help change the world for the better. And the knowledge that you have acquired by ultimately staying true to your core values, is the knowledge we share and embed into our Purposeful Innovation LAB. We are humbled by the stories of change and positive impact shared with us. And we take great pride into visualising and operationalising the ideas into life and work situations in order to help accelerate change for others. You don’t need to do anything to be yourself; but often learn a lifetime to remain true to yourself.

Circular humans accelerate change 

We feel that circular humans (people connected to purpose) are fundamental to accelerate important social and ecological changes in the world. Simply because hundreds of conversations prove our point that people connected to purpose live a happier life; are less likely to overstep planetary boundaries and generally deal well with change. This is the very core principle and reason why we look to expand our program together with people connected to their own unique purpose in life. We learn each day. We don’t have all the answers. But in looking back, we’ve come a long way since the day we took our first purposeful steps.

The next generation is connected in a world full of gaps

Most of the next generation is already connected; but restricted by the many systems and limits imposed by the past. Therefore, we need new innovations to align to the real impact we need – and not to create more comfort or profit. In all situations, people connected to purpose make better decisions in moving forward. And to learn what values lead to purpose, we must first take a step back and learn to observe what we see. To identify the gaps. To put our phones down. To realise that even the smallest changes can make a huge positive impact in someone’s life. And to ultimately re-purpose how we use time, people and money to enable change.

Pi-LAB is our actionable ‘answer’ to the future

At Pi-LAB, we implicitly trust and support people, so they feel empowered to interconnect their own unique purpose into life and work. We uplift human potential beyond systems. And by continuously practising and learning, we can move people and the businesses they work at towards the purposeful innovations that can really make a difference.

Circular Clarity enables change

At Circular Clarity we enable programs that help accelerate change. The knowledge we acquire is how we play our part in the evolving Pi-LAB. Re-purposing Time, People and Money is how we enable models that help accelerate change. Join us if our message resonates.

Thank you for being a positive change in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

— Marco Rog & Arjan van Jaaren, Founders Circular Clarity


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