Circular Clarity enable ripples of impact

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Every business can transform into a force of good, driven by people and core values

Pi-LAB enables ‘ripples of positive impact’ by means of transparently applying 35+ years of international business experience. In a visual, yet pragmatic way, we co-create ‘future fit business perspectives’. This page is the primary example. We practise what we deliver.
We stepped out of the old economy in 2018. The pandemic helped accelerate our mission and we haven’t looked back since.

— Arjan van Jaaren & Marco Rog, Founders

Circular Clarity enable positive impact

Pi-LAB is an ecosystem of independent collaborative partners. Combining knowledge, people and trust to create values that support your people and business. 

We focus on co-creating sustainable partnerships (SDG 17). And we pay the knowledge and insights we obtain forward to the next generation. We include their voice in the work we do (SDG 4).

Read our letter to the future article here…

Core values define authenticity

Aligning core values to future fit indicators and requirements, is a conscious choice and process of learning what tools are available, and what steps can be taken, why, how and when. This deep-rooted journey can be fast-tracked or taken by slowing down and identifying priorities first.

In the end, connecting to core- and future-fit values is not forced by our ideals, but is simply demanded as a basic right by future generations. Governments are quickly enforcing Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) in order to accelerate positive change.

Ready when you are.

Every purposeful innovation, starts with the intention ‘to make a positive change’. The journey of expanding positive impact is about prioritising goals and creating focus areas that help turn the promises we make into the actions we take.

Your core values, as well as your definition of ‘purpose’, represent another important part of the circular puzzle. A World in which humans are enabled to restore ecological and social values above and beyond the financial goals we are conditioned to serve.

Financial stability is the result when we persist and reach beyond our comfort zone. True to value. There is a whole new World to discover; but you need to be ready to (inter)connect.

Thank you for the core values that you bring to the table

We feel genuinly proud by the voices that we represent within our ecosystem. Together we enable ripples of impact that reach far beyond what the eyes can see…

Committed to make a difference now and for future generations, we practise what we do. We transparently share knowledge, create models and align skills in order to help people and businesses move towards making a positive impact. We believe that people connected to purpose are at the very core of every positive change.

By openly sharing experience, we help each other forward.

Valuing our past creates a better understanding of tomorrow. And by accepting the voice of tomorrow, we learn to hear and accept what changes we really need in the world.

Making a positive impact simply feels great

Circular Clarity – Team photo 2021 by Karam Ghazzi

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Pi-LAB enables purposeful innovations by re-connecting the intrinsic values that drive people, rather than driving people to enable innovation

Left pole focus areas

Pi-LAB’s left pole focus areas are the topics interconnected to the virtue of balance. When people, planet and profit are balanced, we can restore, re-purpose and re-generate important values.


Right pole focus areas

The right pole focus areas side are interrelated to the value of knowledge. Knowledge empowers and helps leverage people and business towards understanding the importance of making a positive impact.


People & Values

Purpose is the key virtue that enables human (r)evolution…

People and values represent the very core focus and foundation of our purpose driven program(s). At Pi-LAB we work together with peolpe connected to purpose. We call these change makers Circular People… 

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During workshops and masterclasses we help re-connect people to purpose, trusting that such people are the most influential drivers of change.

The magic formula is that when people connect to true purpose, a sense of well-being is instantly ignited. This ‘true connection to purpose’ is the magic formula that companies look for in order to retain and attract a happy and impactful workforce.

Connecting purpose to hapiness is how we contribute to SDG 3, Health and Well-being. You can’t fake this till you make it. That’s why we love it so much as a deeper source of interconnecting human talent.

Purpose & Innovation

Balance is the key virtue that (re)aligns innovations to a purpose driven development path…

Doing the unthinkable and connecting it to purpose. Where ‘purpose’ needs to be defined in todays world by operating withing the planetary boundaries. That how we become true to purpose…

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Pi-LAB works together with partners that commit to true purposeful innovations, rather than innovating first and than trying to connect it to purpose. This is the slow route to making true positive impact.

We believe that people with a circular mindset and purposeful approach to innovation can help accelerate the many changes needed to influence SDG 9; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

Profit & Responsibility

Reciprocity is the key virtue that helps re-purpose time, people and money…

Profit bears responsibility. By (re)purposing Time, People and Money as the ultimate resources to co-create positive impact… 

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Profit can help accelerate change which in turn creates goodwill and respect: some of the highest values a business legacy can create – but can only generate by remaining true to the core values that hide beyond profit.

At Pi-LAB we continuously experiment by looking for new and innovative ways to re-calculate the complexities that drive profit into fluid projects in which economic growth can be measured by means of personal growth and focusses on the SDG 8 decent working conditions first. When we take full responsbility for the profit we generate and create circular systems in which both profit and knowledge are paid forward to the future; systems can start (re)connecting to purpose.

Pi-LAB – Impact compass

There is a lot to learn and no time to waste. By using the impact compass, we simplify making and measuring positive impact.

The ‘Pi-LAB impact compass’ is the core instrument and methodology we use in order to enable, comprise and help guide people. projects and partners towards future proof goals and objectives. The impact compass establishes sustainable partnerships that share value and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 17). Regardless of industry or complexity.

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SDG Project dashboard

By mapping projects on our SDG dashboard, we translate the impact we make into a measurable contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. The North Pole of the impact compass points towards the SDG’s. We believe that every business should contribute to the SDG’s in order to help move the World to a better place for all.

ESG Rating dashboard (coming soon)

On the ESG dashboard we offer all stake-holders a transparant look into our current activities. For now you can take a look at our impact document (currently only available in Dutch).

Join our community

The impact compass captures your unique values and places them withing the context of future fit indicators. Within a short amount of time we can help simplify your route to impact.

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Learning & Leadership

Knowledge is the key virtue that enables circular leadership…

We embed continuous learning in order to stay connected to the core value of clarity that helps guide us…

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By leveraging the level of knowledge within companies, teams and projects, we help people become leaders and catalysts of change. From there, it is our experience that some join Pi-LAB and others choose impact strategy. From a non-egoic standpoint,both instances suit the future and interconnect to the purpose we call (y)our planet.  

Above all. Change is the constant we all adapt to and we believe that true leadership is not about standing in front of a crowd pointing fingers, but rather building generation resilient and a fluid eco-system that interconnects many different perspectives to what purpose truly means. Together we learn and become the leaders of the future. By paying all that we know and learn forward, we contribute to SDG 4, Quality Education.

Past & Future

Creativity is the key virtue that helps (re)connect great thoughts to purposeful actions..

All generations have a unique idea to what purpose means. But we need to accept the values that define the past – as well as understand the virtues we need to restore social and ecological balance towards the future…

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The Pi-LAB focus areas continue to evolve as new partners, knowledge, generations, values and other magic ingrediënts enter our impact eco-system. It is our mission to help visualise the complexities previous generations created into models that future generations can use in order to break the status quo.

The Pi-LAB impact compass created by Circular Clarity, it the instrument we enable in order to interconnect as many purposeful collaborations as we can manage within a balanced approach to time, people and money. This is how we contribute to SDG 17, Partnerships for sustainable goals.

Goals & Impact

Clarity is the key virtue that enables purpose driven goals and true impact..

Positive imact is what we deliver and work towards. True impact means including the negative impact we need to address on our journey forwards… 

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Transparancy is in fact the easiest virtue to understand, but the hardest to enable. Transparency exposes elements of life and business we find hard to accept; but are in fact the inevitable journey that interconnects us all.

Goals and inpact is where are the best of both worlds interact at Pi-LAB. We believe and share the knowledge that shows how and why making positive impact feels good. We want to expand by means of co-creating change (SDG 17). And we feel humbled and proud to learn how and why purpose changed your life in order to inspire others (SDG 3).


purposeful cases

Sometimes the magic just happens. At other times, hitting the mark was the absolute intention. People connected to purpose set out to change our world for the better. Let’s make co-creating a positive impact our deliberate intention, rather than the coincidence that hits us…

Micro habits at the very core of systemic change...

From a deep and meaningful personal journey towards purpose, New Habitz is a start-up that has discovered the magic and importance of micro habits as the enabler for bigger life style changes. Together with Pi-LAB we set out to expand their journey into a regenerative lifestyle that pays close attention to the smallest details where the sparks of change ignite a healthier lifestyle…

HITEC roads changes the future of infrastructure...

The magic technical formula as well as business legacy of HITEC road, puts this unique scale-up in a unique position to literally change the way future proof infrastructure looks like. Using existing materials, therefore reducing the use of raw materials, as well as positively influincing time and money on a large scale, makes HITEC road a brand that has quickly grown to be seen by a world market. With it’s base in the Netherlands, HITEC road is working on a number of exciting innovations that can help solve the upcoming challenges related to global warming…

Candour.Digital adds technology to clothing to track and reduce the fashion footprint

Candour.Digital has developed technology to track clothing. It is essential to help reduce the footprint of clothing by taking a circular approach. Candour clothing is in a great position to leverage their ideas to a global stage as their technology also proofs suitable to enter different markets…


Voices from within our ecosystem change the future of how we think and act…

A great way to accelerate impact is to be true to (y)our values

Studying and acquiring knowledge is not the challange. Getting people to be true to their values and to rise beyond system demands and into harmony with themselves is the work that needs to be before bigger changes can take effect.

Change is constant in life we adapt to

Purposeful innovations is the mastery of ‘accepting challenges at hand’ and to bring such tasks into the effective alignment of ‘taking responsibility towards the future’. My generation will help enable the change (y)our world needs. There is no time to waste in getting the work done. 
— Aniek Bierhoff

Facility management is a great starting point to enable a ripple of change…

A circular economy can be achieved when all people in the loop share and apply the right knowledge at the right time. When we identify inefficiencies and use them as starting points to co-design exciting alternatives to common day challenges.

This is how pulses of change come to form. Every challenge is a possible opportunity to change (y)our world. 

People drive technology

I am currently writing a whitepaper together with Circular Clarity in order to better understand the impact I can create from a facility management perspective.

— Annelot Manshanden, Circular Facility Management Innovator and student at The Haque University of Applied Science

Thank you for the impact you accelerate in the world