Climate action

In our work, we focus on the transition towards a circular economy, including the reduction of footprint to reduce the effects of climate change.


SDG 13

Climate action

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Source: United Nations


  • We communicate transparently about our environmental, social and governance with regards to all business. We include all stake-holders in this conversation
  • We work from home and make use of flexible workspaces
  • Our houses are islotated, have LED lighting throughout, gas and electricity through sustainable providers
  • One of the two home offices is equiped with solar panels and green roof isolation
  • One of two cars is electric. The second car is hardly used, due to traveling to work locations by public transport
  • 95% of all business traffic is done by bicycle or public transport or electric vehicle
  • Our workplace is CO2 neutral, any possible over consumption is compensated through our partnership with Trees for all
  • We plant a minimum of 150 trees per year, this includes a tree for every human connection made