Good health and well-being

Because health in a holistic sense is essential during future-fit sustainable development, we actively work on a healthy life and work balance.



Good health and well-being

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Source: United Nations

  • When possible we bike, walk or use shared mobility to reach our work appointments
  • We allocate time to take care of our inner being, each nurturing their own personal blend of activities to maintain a good life balance
  • A safe and inclusive place and space to discuss ideas
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • 50% cold showers, meditation and shakti-mat treatment, also during work hours if desired or needed
  • Locally produced food, organically farmed when possible
  • Mental balance by complete freedom to arrange work- and holiday hours with no set number of holidays. Trust and serving common-goals create the common ground for personal growth 
  • Work and life balance continuously looked at and supportively discussed
  • In 2023 we will continue to implement our Value compass to emphasize the importance of well-being at the core of creating generation resilience
  • Host guest lectures to inspire the next generation to value the importance of well-being and personal growth as a core value to ground their individual careers within a circular future (economy)