Quality education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.



Quality education

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Source: United Nations

The intellectual property (knowledge) that Circular Clarity beholds will be left as the legacy of the founders to Stichting Toekomstgericht Nederland (Foundation Future-oriented Netherlands). The foundation is independently managed to avoid conflict of interest. 

    • We donate 5% of turnover to Stichting Toekomstgericht Nederland (STGNL).
    • We host workshops, masterclasses and guest lectures to share our knowledge, network and insights with the next generation 
    • We host similar events for SME’s in Europe, Netherlands is the core
    • Together with talents that step forward during guest lectures, we support getting their career flowing or help business cases alike when the situation presents itself 
    • We share the Value Compass as a greenwash filter and believe this instrument can add significant value to educational programs, regardless of size, industry or complexity. This gives the next generation free access to strategic knowledge aimed to engage their talent in a circular economy