Decent work and economic growth

Creating awareness that economic growth needs to include social and ecological balance. In fact future-proof would challenge ‘economic growth’ to regenerative values 

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Decent work and economic growth

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Source: United Nations


  • We don’t engage in complicated tax constructions in order to maximize profit or gain otherwise 
  • Circular entrepreneurship is about creating a natural ecosystem. Balance between people and technology. And regenerative values embedded in the core. This inside out approach when driven by purpose will significantly improve the way economic growth actually stimulates debatable KPI’s
  • We enable Key Value Indicators to balance efficiency, financial and other technical indicators; thus ensuring a well-balanced and inclusive work space for everyone
  • For as long as the system is driven by monetary value, we create a healthy balance between earning profit, giving back and also exchanging different value currencies such as time and knowledge 
  • We invest in long lasting value driven relationships with our entire value/supply chain
  • We offer fair transparant conditions with equal pay for all
  • When we generate work for ecosystem partners; we negotiate a 10% impact fee to invest in our purpose. This 10% acts as our impact fund. Therefore we do not need to invest in linear marketing strategies 
  • When we work, we invest research time, thus reducing billing cost and hours significantly
  • We help start-ups with time and knowledge
  • We help young talent enter our ecosystem