Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Infrastructure connects the modern world. Planetary boundaries set the limits. Purpose the direction.



Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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Source: United Nations


The Industrial revolution is a big contributor to modern day problems. By connecting industries, innovation and infrastructure to circular values, we literally build the future more responsibly. In aim to become bio-based and circular.

  • Supporting HITEC ROAD as a future-fit partner in global infrastructure 
  • Enabling innovation labs within related corporate environments
  • Co-creating within the Jos Munnik LAB in aim of intruding 30.000+ home owners and building societies to circular alternatives and other innovations
  • Guest lectures at The Hague University to Real Estate Management students 
  • During 2023 we will experiment with product passports and other SDG9 related topics
  • To enable purposeful innovations in the Pi-LAB (Purposeful Innovation Lab)