Connecting the dots of your legacy in a circular future

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The value compass is an adaptable instrument that unlocks future-fit value in your case-specific and unique way.

Together we accelerate taking steps to enabling a circular economy.

  • Greenwash (impact) filter
  • Clarifies (y)our environmetnal and social impact/ footprint
  • Is a pathfinder towards future-fit goals
  • Accelerates reaching strategic objectives
  • Simplifies sustainable development (saving time & cost)
  • Embeds core values at the heart of projects
  • Guides and filters priorities and challenges more accurately
  • Clarifies making future-fit choices on (y)our way forward
  • Translates historical value into future-fit action
  • Empowers business improvement by circular innovations
  • Improves human and business adaptability (agile)
  • Opens new markets, business development
  • Cultivates common-ground to engage stake-holders
  • Unlocks hidden values in people and business
  • Ensures you don’t miss a key development component
  • Connects you to a like-minded network (ecosystem)
  • Simplifies, provided there is a committment of time, people and resources

Listen to a Value Compass related conversation with our ecosystem partner TMC.

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During workshops and other forms of co-creation, we help implement the value compass