Your identity in a regenerative future

Door: Arjan van Jaaren
Founder, Circular Clarity
Gepubliceerd: 1 February 2023

Your identity in a regenerative future

Circular Clarity helps strengthen your identity to contribute as a key stake-holder to a regenerative future. A future in which many SME’s already participate and exchange values. 


(Y)our planet is (y)our ultimate purpose. Social value is the cornerstone for common-ground and value-based partnerships to be established. Common-ground forms the foundation where businesses can incubate ideas and take equitable steps towards enabling such ideas as integral anchors to justify circularity as a business driver.

Your impact matters!

Supported by an ecosystem of professionals, we help build bridges between the linear and Circular Economy (CE). We co-create business cases that put ‘Circularity’, as well as ‘People and values’ on center stage. 

  • EU circular by 2050

Beyond the technical and measurable steps that are inevitable when aligning to sustainability, circularity or social responsibility, we connect to the essence of a circular business. People and value. And the intrinsic drive that can often only be felt, before it can be calculated, measured or justified.

More than checking boxes

Not defined by words, as much as signified by actions. Validated by the level of transparency in moving towards increased levels of circularity and sustainability. Strengthening your identity to become a part of future solutions, opens up the path to new partnerships and possibilities.

  • CSRD law and regulation, stating that all EU registered SME’s, must present an equitable roadmap and plan of implementation by 2026 the latest. 

Moving towards the Circular Economy (CE)

In short, the movement towards circularity, marks the journey from a make-take-waste, to a regenerative approach. Affecting and influencing who we are, what we do and how we operate. 

Coninuous learning

Learning offers new perspectives that can lead to unexpected challenges. Learning from those that crossed such bridges before you, offers a multitude of organizational value that can be used to strengthen your core pillars such as, Human Resources, Communication, Research & Development, Accounting, Facility Management, Branding & Strategy, Legal & Governance. In fact any business-as-usual topic can be positively influenced through circularity. As we learn, we see the interconnectedness between the topics.

See to understand it

It’s like learning about a new brand because you love it, and than suddenly seeing it everywhere. The more we learn, the more we see. But to learn, we need to love it first. 

A value compass to guide change

To help guide such new forces of change, we embed a value compass as the core instrument to make sense of it all. To help filter the essence back to your business strategy. To bring pieces of the puzzle together. And to simplify decision making. The value compass can be applied in a multitude of pragmatic ways. Depending on your circular challenge, the value compass is a cross-industry methodology that connects your business and people to new and insightful conversations. 

Social and ecological impact

By including social and ecological impact values as strategic indicators; a circular business organically evolves towards new opportunities. Continuous learning and circular thinking, form the foundation for your circular business case to emerge. Once a seed is planted, we water is with every insight we unlock by doing, learning and retaining the knowledge as water to the bucket. Ready to water the seeds as they open up to the light of new opportunities shining in. 

People and values

Circular Clarity helps unlock the hidden circular potential of both business and people in a purpose-bright spotlight. Your impact matters.

Everything we need is right in front of us

The ideas, tools, methods and actions created to serve your specific case, are enabled to become autonomous assets of your business. We implicitly trust. Share knowledge by learning. Advocate transparency to clarify values for future generations. And seek balance for People, Planet and Prosperity. 

Equitable action

We align these values to an ESG rating. This means that your circular business can offer an equitable impact strategy that includes your ecological footprint data, social impact values and governance structure that embeds equitable actions. Engaging all stake-holders.

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