Free yourself from the past. Do you?

Door: Arjan van Jaaren
Founder, Circular Clarity
Gepubliceerd: 27 October 2020


As humans, we attach great value to the knowledge we take forward in life. Yes; knowledge transcends generations. And it will forever more continue to do so. But the rate of transfer of knowledge is accelerating faster than ever before.

With a single question, technology can launch millions of answers instantly. Reality is that knowledge is being documented in real time. That means that future generations will have access to historical information at the flick of a button. Everything we think, say or do, is documented.

So what’s the change?

In a world of extremes, we should no longer look at the past. But instead be concerned about the future impact that we can influence with the decisions we take today. Do we measure what we feel my means of ill intend, or with the possibility of a better future in mind? Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

If we want to continue to evolve as humans, we need to accept our past. Realize that time is defined by our actions today. But most importantly; the future impact can be re-balanced if we accept that that history teaches us that mankind till date, has only managed to deplete, take, make and waste resources. 

Let’s change our future by simply changing our perspective. Let’s take nature as our primary source of inspiration. The past is what we accept. Today is when we make a difference. The future is what we need to impact positively for future generations to thrive.

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