Explaining Circular Clarity

Door: Arjan van Jaaren
Founder, Circular Clarity
Gepubliceerd: 2 April 2021


Circular Clarity is perhaps best described as a thought-to-action enabling ecosystem and platform – bringing together tools and professionals that enable positive impact leaders and indicators within any business or institution.

Together we pave the road to a more sustainable future.

Collectively we build bridges to simplify circular transitions.

Because there are so many touch points to start and describe a circular transition or entrepreneurship, we have learned to focus on guiding you from challenge to positive impact.

By practicing and sharing what we lived and worked through, we give you uncensored access to actionable, strategic and interactive tools for comprehensive sustainable development. 

Be it the ABC’s on the work-floor that inspire people to adapt a circular mindset. Or the strategic lens that clarifies what circular alternatives can re-calibrate your business to connect to the opportunities the circular economy offers. And every gap in between.

People are the core asset of your business

Starting with the very core asset of your business; PEOPLE. We know how to create TIME by simplifying business as usual so that together we find ways to re-align streams of revenue that will lead to new levels of value energizing your business, people and stake-holders. Sounds complicated. It’s not. If you are looking to future proof your business and you know that growth is measured in more ways than profit; you’re on it. If you feel the intrinsic need to do good in the world or your community; we guarantee circular entrepreneurship will help you evolve your business. 

Creativity simplifies strategy

Our creative and highly adaptable business development toolkit interconnects creative and strategic instruments – to our international network of digitally and/or physically operating experts that have made it their mission to help accelerate your route to a circular business. Measuring circular impact isn’t the challenge. It’s embedding circularity into the DNA of your brand and breaking through the complexity distracting you from applying a long term approach to evolving your business. 

Data and people in perfect harmony

Yes, a future fit business needs data driven facts to understand where you can transform efficiency into effectivity. But the magic happens when people can really apply their intrinsic connection to sustainability. It is important to understand why sustainability is abused in this day and age and what the benefits of restorative and regenerative economic are if you enter the realm of circularity.

Life is not a destination, but a journey

The win-win? Rather than you studying the complexity and investing valuable time; we guarantee the strategic acceleration of your business or brand a a circular model. Simply because we don’t set out to maximize profit, but rather impact your business. This is not a journey about you or us; but rather collecting systemic value that benefits us now as well as serve future generations. Including the respect of ecological and social boundaries.

Want to talk about circular alternatives to re-connect to a better future? Contact arjan@circularclarity.org

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